No Fear

Chapter 24

Checking how many bullets I had left in my gun, I turned to Four shooting at a dauntless trader in the back. “I only have ten left.”

He pivot back into cover and I pulled out a grenade, “I got one shot, so let’s hope it’s good.” Pulling the pin out, I hurdle the blast over the crumbled wall and rolled away from the soldiers charging toward us.


The blast echoed loud and Four took off through the cleared opening. Following him behind, we climbed up a wall and had to jump to the other side to get to the entrance. Without effort Four cleared the landing.

Taking a deep breath, I ran with all my might and leaped into the air. Panic flooded my eyes as my stomach collided into the ledge knocking the wind out of me. My grasp quickly slipped, but Four latched onto my arms and pulled my body toward him. “Are you alright?” He asked with his worried eyes darting my body.

I nodded my head, “I’m good.”

Getting up I could feel the sharp pain in my side, but I kept up with Four. Finally enter the hallway, another group had formed on the left and I yelled, “Go ahead. I’ll hold them off.”

Four turned back with disapproval and I glared back stubbornly. I repeat again taking a shot out at the group making them take cover, “Go.”

Not happy with this decision, Four took off and I ducked for cover again. Nine bullets left. Firing another shot aimlessly at them, I hoped I would be able to buy him just enough time.

Stepping a little out, I aimed taking out two, but at a price. Cringing back in my safe spot, pain jolted through my arm. A bullet had sliced across my upper arm making it bleed.

Shooting two more bullets out, I moved inside where Four retreated. Running down the hall, I knew I wasn’t in a very good advantage. Again the sound of shoots began to be released and I duck down. Definitely broke some ribs, my mind screamed in pain. The sound of feet surrounded me and I knew my time was done.

“Take her to a cell. We have to find the other one.”

As I kneeled before them with my hands up in the air, a sudden pounding feeling rattle my head and I collapse to the ground into the black abyss.

“Four?” my hoarse voice asked confused. Where were we? Did he get to Tris? He gingerly tightened a piece of cloth around my open wound and I could just tell by his firm set mouth the mission was a fail. “I’m sorry,” I whispered annoyed at my efforts. I should have done more.

Four shook his head upset with himself, “I couldn’t find her.”

The shuffling of footsteps approached and Four walked in front of me and the glass of our cell on guard. Instantly I could see Tris being dragged through the hall. Four yelled out and pounded at the doorway, “Tris!!!!”

Catching her attention, she struggled to be free, “Four!” The guards pulled her away as she continued to scream, “Four! Fourrr!!!”

He kept punching and thrusting his body against the glass even after she disappeared behind the other doors. “No,” he cursed in anger.

“Four.” I called out, but he wasn’t turning around. Again I said his name. Finally I called louder, “Tobias!” His head toward me with a broken expression.

“Jeanine is toying with her emotions.”

Anger lit up his eyes, “You don’t think I don’t know this?” He found the camera in the corner and pointed to it, “Take me! Come on assholes, take me instead of her.”

A tear trailed down my cheek because I was bottling up all the guilt riddling me. That should be me. Tris should be with Four at factionless. Jeanine should be probing and trying to kill me like the others in her experiments right now.

“…You won’t be able to find a better divergent than me. Please, just take me,” Four said exasperated. I hated seeing him in pain.

Standing up, I pointed the camera at me. I knew she probably wasn’t watching with Tris in her hands, but I yelled. “Remember me, Kinder Matthews? I demand to talk to my mother at once. I have a far better trade than Beatrice Prior. So pass this message to her soon as possible, because if she is dead, the deal will be off and you lose possible your only change to open that device.”

I ripped the camera down in anger and tossed it at the wall and picked it up again. I wanted it to be in more pieces like my heart as I wailed it at the ground again, again and again. “I’m so done with this crap!” My hand was up in the air, when Four restrained another blow.

Bending down to the floor where I was sitting, Four placed his hands firmly on my shoulder. The solemn voice whispered, “She’s not going to come. We have nothing to trade.”

I regretted glancing up into his deep blue eyes and said, “I do have something. I’m what she dreams of and if she wants me alive, she better get her ass down her with Tris alive.”

Tobias firm steel eyes melt realizing what I was telling him. I would be dead if Tris wasn’t here soon. Fear flickered in his eyes suddenly, “Don’t do that. It won’t change anything.”

“That should be me. Not Tris,” I finally said it.

Lifting my chin gently up, Tobias shook his head, “Don’t for a second think this is your fault, Kinder. No one’s here to blame except Jeanine.”

He secured his arms around me and I buried my head into his shoulder. Even with his words, I still felt responsible.

A half an hour later, I could barely stand seeing Tris Prior’s lifeless body being wheeled out in the foyer. The door had been open up and Tobias walked in shock toward his love. The boy, Peter, said monotone, “Jeanine wanted to send you a message back.”

Peter’s eyes locked onto mine and I felt faint. Did my words result in her death? Jumping at Peter’s throat suddenly the guards rushed to contain Four’s rage. That’s when my head turned to the right to witness Tris take a deep breath as if she was raised from the dead.

Not only was Four and I confused, but the guards as well when watching the dead girl move around. “Four. Maybe you should do that thing you’re good at,” Peter said nodding at the guards and Four took them down. Pulling a knife from my bun, I pointed it at Peter’s throat. Raising his hands up, he said, “Hey. I’m on your side. I gave Tris a drug to make her look dead and, ah-”

I pushed it closer so he could feel the cold metal pricking at his skin and he shut up quickly. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

In the corner of my vision, Four was staring into Tris eyes with a bond of love I don’t think even death could destroy. I asked, “Shall I dispatch him for you?”

“No,” Four answered when Tris shook her head, “Thank you Peter.”

Backing away, Peter straightened his shirt “Yeah whatever. Now we’re even stiff,” he replied not trying to get mushy.

Four looking at the door way commanded, “Alright let’s get going before Jeanine knows-”

“We have to go back. We have to get the box, Four,” Tris said with determination and I knew Four would do anything she said now.

Peter thinking she was nuts said, “Come on Tris. Now’s not the time for a souvenir.”

“Four listen, it’s not what Jeanine think it is. I know it’s not,” she begged. “My mother would have destroyed it. We have to get it.”

Four’s eyes flickered trying to figure out a plan. “Peter is there another way to the lab?”

“I have to go to the control to disable all of the doors….” Peter started to ramble and Four cut him off, “Good good. You do that.”

Confusion covered the boy’s face and I rolled my eyes. Stupid erudite boy. “Now?”

“Yeah, now. You choice our side whether you meant to or not. If you want to survive make sure we stay alive.” He handed a gun to Tris and I swiped a gun from the guard beside me. “Let’s go.” Four nodded at me and we began to go down the many halls.

Finally, we entered inside a white room and I posted myself by the door. “Come on Tris. Grab it and let’s get going. We’re running out of time,” Four said next by me and I could feel his anxiousness.

“I can’t,” I turned around to face her and said concerned, “Why not?”

“I have to open it now. Whatever is inside I need to find out why my mother died for it.” She glanced back at the box and said, “I know this doesn’t make any sense, but I have to do this.”

I stepped forward seeing Four’s conflicting face, “Let me do it Tris.”

Tris shook her head confused as to my offer and replied, “I’m the only one that can do this. Trust me.”

I glanced over to Four who was concentrating on the ground very hard. Finally he shook his head, “With my life apparently.” Why would Four risk her life like that? A thought spurred out of me as Four fidget as he stared at the doorway.

Tris began to open each section of the box and suddenly dauntless barge inside with Tris’s brother and my mother. She walked in with her clicking heels and notice Four and smiled. As she turned to me her lips pulled into a frown. “Kinder,” the word seemed foreign to her now after betraying my faction.

Being stripped from our guns, we all watched the last symbol light up on the mysterious object. Tris had opened whatever was inside the box. A message began to play, “Hello, I come from outside the wall. We have all but destroyed each other. We designed your city as an experiment. We believe it is the only way to recover the humanity we have lost. We recreated factions to ensure peace. We believe there will be those among that will transcend theses factions. These will be the divergent.”

I watched my mother’s face become distraught as it destroyed everything she claimed. “They are the true purpose to this experiment. They are vital to humanity’s survival. If you’re watching this now, at least one of you is proof that our experiment has succeeded. Mankind waits for you with hope beyond the wall.” The message disappeared and Tris was coming back to conscious. Instantly Four was by her side and asked, “You okay?”

She smiled widely, “I am.” They turned their attention to flabbergasted Jeanine and Tris said smug, “You were wrong about us. We were never the problem. We’re the solution.”

I stepped closer to my mother knowing she wouldn’t go down without a fight. She suddenly spit out, “Burry the box. No one see’s it ever.” Her deathly eyes glared at them, “Kill them both.”

As she turned around, I jabbed the knife into her shoulder and turned her around with the knife at her neck. “Don’t do anything or she dies.”

“What are you doing Kinder?” She tried to hide the fear from her voice and I barely could say back, “Protecting my loved ones.” I wanted to kill her right then. I so wanted to see the light disappear from her eyes.

She yelled out, “Do my orders now.” Damn it, she was willing to die for what she believed. The gun rose up to Four and I yelled, “Tobias nooo!!!!!”

A shot went off, but the guards fell dead and I watch the factionless rebels enter the room. Edward nodded at me with his gun pointing at Jeanine and I unwilling released her from my grasp. They put cuffs onto her hands and it felt good to see her broken face.

She started to beg me to take her side, “Kinder, darling. You can’t believe them. It lies. With divergents in the world our society will fall apart. They don’t deserve to live.”

I asked without looking at her, “What was it Jeanine?” Her face seemed puzzled and I added, “What was the password to your own daughter’s death chamber?”

A small smile formed on her red lips. “Inadequate.” My face lit up stunned knowing that was the name she purposely called me as a child. “From what I see it still suits you.”

Looking into her light blue cold eyes, I whispered to her ear, “Maybe we don’t deserve to live. But you don’t either.” The faction leader entered the room, taking both Jeanine and Caleb away. It would be the last time I would see Jeanine stared at me hard. Her logically mind just could compute the truth. I her only biological offspring was divergent.

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