No Fear

Chapter 26

Running my hand through his short brown hair, I just stared at Uriah peaceful face. My finger slowly traced down to the cut on his bruised cheek and all I could think was, if I didn’t know any better he be asleep. But that was ruined as my eyes trailed down to the tubes giving air and food.

I wiped my wet cheek again. One of my Pedrad boys, the one I considered my little brother, was not coming back. He was on life support.

My hazel eyes lifted away from Uriah angelic face and I just could sense the broken body behind me. Turning my blonde head around, rings of red lined his eyes and Tobias couldn’t speak. Patting the seat next to me, he seemed on edge and uncertain about me, but followed my command. Stiffly he sat down and stared at Uriah with guilt contorting his body.

Before I knew it, Tobias head shot over to me flabbergasted when finding my hand grasping his shaking one. Before he could say anything, I said with my voice cracking from all the crying I had did early this afternoon. “I don’t hate you.”

No on contrary I hate Nina. The person, who used Four, planted a bomb without a care as to who would get hurt, only for her own interests, so she could follow Jeanine’s plan and cut off the head of the divergent headquarters.

I firmly squeezed his hand and choked down a sob, “I forgive you.” It was too much and I couldn’t hold back the flood of tears. Covering my face, I could feel Tobias hold me as he cried as well.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry….” He said in pain. “Zeke-”

I lifted my head up and grabbed his head, “Zeke won’t blame you. He will be hurt for this loss, but I don’t think there’s a bone in his body that can hate.” We both stared into each other’s sorrow eyes and I added sadly, “This is going to be the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do, but you have to tell them. They have to decided if they want to keep him aliv-” I gasped at the thought of them pulling the plug.

I know I didn’t want too. I didn’t want to face that reality yet.

“Do you want to come with me?” He asked getting control of his emotions again and I shook my head, “I want to stay with him.”

Resting my head on Tobias’s shoulder, I said, “I don’t know how much more I can take of this. I feel like a piece of me is dying every time.”

Feeling his hands stroke my hair, he whispered, “I know what you mean. If I lose one more person I love, that’ll be the end of me.”

If I lost anyone I cared for I pretty sure that would be the end of me as well, I thought as I closed my tired eyes.

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