No Fear

Chapter 29

I tore at my upper lip when sitting on a lumpy mattresses. I was finally remembering things in my life as if it was crystal clear. My real name was Kinder Platts. My parents didn’t necessarily abandon me, I was still angered and immature to face the facts. They had left me behind to join the war and at a price I had lost them both. Glancing down at small locket with a painted feather, it said inside, No fear. No regrets. I love you, Always.

The door slide open and my tired eyes shifted up to find Tobias standing there with an unsure expression. I finally stated, “I knew him.”

Tobias’s eyes lit up as he moved closer into the room. “You did?”

Patting the bed, I indicated him to sit down and I continued to say, “I meet Zeke, Shanna, Steph, and Tom once. They were brought on my unit to try and break up the dauntless troops attacking abnegation. They all died.”

“At least you knew him, Tris doesn’t even exist,” Tobias said quietly. My eyes bounced up in question and he responded, “I hacked their system.”

“How are you holding up?” I asked knowing that the simulated loved ones had somehow scarred us deep down.

His blue eyes peered over, “Surprisingly not as bad as I thought it be. With my full memory, it’s just a lost dream.”

“If you could go back without knowing this reality, would you go back?” I asked picking at my nails.

Tobias picked up my locket with a curious gaze, “No. I don’t want to live in a lie.” His warm hands touched my skin slightly as he clasped the locket around my neck. “I’m finding this reality to be better now.”

“At least one of us can say that,” I replied. At least in my sim I had a husband, friends, identity and Jeanie’s reign destroyed.

As if he could sense my thoughts, Tobias said, “We can get to that point again, we just have to do one last finally push. You in?”

His hand extended outward and a faint smile appeared on my face. “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Good. Amar is downstairs waiting to train us for battle,” Tobias added before leaving the bedroom.

Stepping through the sliding metal doors, a man stood still in front of Tobias leaning on a walking stick. His eyes glanced up when noticing my presence.

“Alright. This is going to be the most grilling and frustrating training because we only have a day. In the morning you will leave for your mission...." I suddenly felt a lump in my tight throat. Sneaking a peek over to Tobias, he seemed calm and extremely focused. "....We are going to focus on whatever skills you may thought you had under the simulation."

He turned to Tobias, "This might be a bigger adjustment for you. So pay attention."

Tobias nodded his head as we line up to the gun range where six cans stood out in the distance. Amar pointed forward. "Tobias hit three of the targets."

Stepping forward, he butted the gun against his shoulder and fired. After a round, two cans had flew off the bench and Tobias lips pulled down. "This is a lot harder than I remember."

Taking my spot I told him coolly, "It was just a dream. You were raised Abnegation." Without a thought, I fired away knocking each can." Glancing back at my stone cold face, I said, "Keep practicing."

"We've been at this for hours, Kin. It's time to stop," Tobias said sweating from the constant combat training.

"No, one more time," I stated with a jab.

Tobais pulled back and argued, "It's getting close to ten. We're tired and stressed, so we should get some rest." He ducked another punch, "Even Amar has left now. It's time to turn in-"

I tripped Tobias in surprise and raised my foot to kick out toward him. Quickly he grabbed my foot and twist my leg making me fall to the cold mat floor. Shifting slightly up, I kneed his stomach and tried pinning him down. "No, it's not enough. We need to practice. We only have until tomorrow and then-"

His whole upper body strength shift over me and he panted with exhaustion. "Stop over thinking it." I twisted my head away not wanting to hear it, but Tobias gentle turned my head back. "Listen. We are going to make it through this." His eyes burned into mine. "We've had our backs since day one. Nothing bad is going to happen. Not on my watch."

"We're at such a disadvantage," I became breathless with panic flooding my body at the thought of losing him, "What, what if-"

His lips suddenly crashed into mine with such a surging force that my tiresome thinking halted in peace. Pulling back, Tobias whispered, "I'm never going to let anything happen to you."

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