No Fear

Chapter 3

“The faction system is a living being. Composed of cells. All of you. And the only way it can survive and thrive is for each of you to claim your rightful place.” I glanced down at my hands as my mother told her rehearsed speech again. Except you divergents. “The future belongs to those who know where they belong.”

Slowly she left the stage and Marcus approached. He said, “When we leave this room you will no longer will be dependence, but full fledge members to our society. Faction before blood.

I mumbled under my breath with the crowd. “Faction before blood.” What a stupid idea, I thought as my gazed over to Ezekiel. He was sitting on the edge of his seat bouncing his one leg. He was nervous.

The names of initiators were slowly being called forth one by one and I tried to just focus on clearing my mind. I wanted to pretend I didn’t exist, that nothing existed. “Kinder Platts.”

My head snapped up in surprise that my time came so soon and Maeve squeezed my hand. I gave her a strained smile before walking down the stairs. Trying to breath, I could feel two stares pierce my back.

Ezekiel and Maeve.

Both of them wanted me with them. Both I did care for. But here I stood holding the knife with just myself in mind. Slitting my hand, I stared at my once faction before I placed it between to bowls of Dauntless and Abnegation.

I craved to be with Ezekiel, but the risk was too much. I seriously doubt he would want to watch his divergent girlfriend be murdered before his eyes. Or worse him trying to risk his life to save me.

My hand let blood drip down into the bowl of my choosing. I had to stay alive to fight another day; A fight to be with Ezekiel once again without the danger of our lives hanging in the balance.

The crowd began to clap as it was announced, “Abnegation.” I know ironic, that my selfish way to survive was going to the selfless place, I thought guilty.

Somehow instead of feeling liberated like I dreamed when reaching the choosing ceremony, I was again trap thanks to my mother’s witch hunt.

Taking a seat, I kept myself composed.

“Maeve Matthews.” Watching my younger sister walked timidly to the stage and I watched her struggle for a second before cut her hand swiftly. “Erudite.”

Before I knew it, we were moving out with our new factions. And that’s the last time I saw Ezekiel with his disappointed and confused expression.

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