No Fear

Chapter 30

Shifting my eyes up to the tall white tower, I shuddered at the uncomfortable tampered thoughts of Maeve’s death to Jeanine’s face when being arrested.

Tobias too got lost in the moment, but then inched his head toward me. “Ready to do this?”

Taking a deep breath, I nodded my head and Tobias began to push the cleaning cart forward through the glass doorway.

Just like how I remember it from the simulation, we easily navigated without any trouble to the control room where Jeanine would be located.

My eyes scanned around in alert, but I could only notice stoic erudite being secretly guarded by zombie dauntless and the occasional amity cleaning and scrubbing their fingers to their bones.

Approaching the control door, two dauntless laid guard. Their face’s held no expression as Tobias stated, “We are scheduled to clean.”

“I.D?” The burly man stated.

This was it, I thought. Hopefully switching places with these two amity would grant us access.

Raising both of our left arms outward, they checked our branded arms for a number code. “Clear,” he responded after a few minutes of unsettling wait.

Stepping inside head quarters, we quickly scoped out the door lock, master control computer, and finally where Jeanine was sitting pensively in a white chair. She had looked the same as the simulation, only difference was the war had aged her faster.

Wheeling the cart in front of our bodies just in case we need protection, we slipped out our guns from under it. Counting in my head there were at least seven people, six possibly erudite and two, not mind control dauntless, operating the joint. Giving a signal, we both slowly hung close to the side and injected each person facing a computer with sleeping injection.

Only three remained, the two dauntless and Jeanine. Tobias nodded his head and said when pushing the lock down control button on, “Drop you weapons and put your hands on your head where we can see them.”

They turned around stunned and glanced over to Jeanine for leadership. She waved for the two men to lower their weapons and asked, “I didn’t think amity would try anything like this again after your last punishment.”

“We aren’t amity,” Tobias growled and Jeanine eyes lit up.

“Divergents then,” she smiled taking a seat back in her chair. “It’s been a long time since I’ve see your kind roaming the halls.”

“Kick your weapons toward us,” I added ignoring her comment.

The two dauntless looked at each other with anger. As the one began to kick the gun away, the other simultaneously grasped his weapon to shoot. But it was too late. I had won the draw without a problem. “Put your body to the floor and hands on top of head. If you move I won’t hesitate to shoot,” I commanded.

Tobias quickly moved to the main control panel and worked his magic with computers. On edge, Jeanine slightly shift on her seat asking, “What are you doing?”

“Making the playing field fair,” Tobias mocked as he terminated the control simulation program.

“No!!!” She yelled getting up her chair and suddenly something jabbed into my arm giving the dauntless man a chance to tumble to his weapon and shoot.

Ducking behind the desk, Tobias let out a few shots and turned back to find me pulling out a dart. “I’m fine,” I responded, “Just keep going.”

But the thing was I wasn’t fine. Like venom, I could feel it slowly travel down my extremity and to the rest of my body. Twisting my body, I fired more shots out and dived to a closer desk to take aim. I raised the gun out and it clicked. "Damn it," I muttered pulling my arm back in cover. That was the last of my ammunition.

Leaning my head back, I felt light headed and my vision was disturbingly becoming blurrier. Focus, I commanded my mind as I peeked around to find Tobias finally had shot the dauntless guy and now held a gun to Jeanine.

“It’s over Jeanine. Surrender or die,” Tobias stated as my body suddenly shook. What was happening to me?

Jeanine smiled menacingly, “Funny I was about to tell you the same.”

Letting out a painful gasp, Tobias inched over quickly to see my body convulsing. “What did you do to her?” he demanded deadly.

The sound of the door being rammed echoed out loud like a pulsing heart. Was I going mad?

“Testing...serum,” my mind seemed to be disappearing to the world around me and then my mind cleared. Did I just snap out of it?

Shooting my body up, I peeked out behind the desk to find Jeanine holding a gun to Tobias. Anger flooded my body as I stood up and charged for her.

Her eyes widen with her hands held up. “Wait,” she yelled, but I crashed into her body. Quickly I tried to pin Jennie down so I could beat the shit out of her. But she somehow kept maneuvering out of my grasp.

Finally I grasped her gun and held it to her blonde crazy head. Her frighten eyes stared at me, “Kinder wake up. It’s me.”

I pressed it closer to her head confused by her words. “Be ready to die.”

Suddenly she kissed my lips and I flung back in shock.

The lights flashed and I looked over to find Tobias on the floor and Jeanine sitting in her seat looking entertained.

Tobias yelled, “She drugged you Kinder.”

I quickly pointed the gun toward her surprised body, but then darkness consumed my vision again. I was now in a dark secluded room. I knew now that I need to wake up from the simulation, but nothing was breaking the barrier.

Maybe I wasn’t strong enough? I suddenly feared.

The only door way opened and a dark shadow of person started to run. Without a thought I wanted to chase down the person to see if it was Tobias again.

But as I round the next corner, the floor disappeared from underneath me. My senses were over whelmed with the bustling of traffic, the rippling high winds, and Tobias sudden yell.

I found myself dangling as I stared down at the city below. Tobias held onto my hands tightly with his face beat red. He slowly lifted me up to his chest, holding me tightly.

She almost guided me out the broken window, I realized while shaking.

“Stay with me,” Tobias said as I glanced over to see Jeanine smiling.

“Had enough yet?” She called out.

Glancing back to Tobias’ blue eyes, I said, “Tobias I don’t think we can defeat her.” His face held dismay at my words. “I can’t break free from her control,” I grasped his gun from him.

His lips curved up as he responded, “What are you saying?”

Jeanine cut in, “She’s saying to give up-”

I watched as she pressed her hands to her chest in shock. Red spread throughout her blouse as she and the controller fell to the floor.

Gently Tobias pulled my chin away from the scene and he stared into my eyes. “Kinder, we did it.” He hugged me tightly and I tucked my head into his shoulder.

The war was finally at a end, I thought beyond relief.

The doors busted open and divergents stormed the room. Instantly they found Jeanine’s dead body and their weapons dropped down to their side.

“I don’t know who you are, but thank you.” We pulled away from our embrace to discover Johanna Reyes rubbing her raw wrists. "We are all in your debt."

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