No Fear

Chapter 31

With my hair dancing in the breeze, I sat still without one worried thought. Jeanine was dead. The mind control over dauntless was destroyed. Our world was finally in era of peace.

Finally I was safe to live.

“Weird isn’t it?” Tobias stated as he duck from under a beam. “We have all the freedom in the world and I haven’t a clue where to start.”

I turned to his pondering expression and replied sarcastically, “Should we do another choosing ceremony for you?”

His lips twitched in amusement before he sat down next to my side in the empty building. “Pass.”

Brilliant lights flooded the night sky and we stared at the fireworks in awe. Crowds of people filled the streets singing, laughing and even drinking.

“You know what I want to do?”

Tobias turned to me with curiosity, “What?”

Giving him a smile, I said, “I want to get a tattoo.” I paused for a second before adding, “Maybe you should get one too. It’s weird seeing so much virgin skin on you.”

Tobias rubbed the back of his neck, “I look that bad, huh?”

“No, your just different,” I stated as I playfully bumped into his shoulder.

“And that’s good right?” He said so unsure.

Glancing up into his blue eyes, “It is. As once a wise friend told me, I'm finding reality to be better." Watching Tobias give me his full attention, I suddenly felt embarrassed by my openness and I spatted out, "You know because I like you a lot. I mean not creepy a lot, but like-"

"Kinder," Tobias said.

"Yes?" I glanced away feeling heat rising in my cheeks. I was going crazy. My heart was starting to feel something I thought I never feel again.


Placing a finger under my chin, Tobias gently raise my face up to his smiling expression.

"It's okay. I like you a lot too."

Having a sense of relief, I rested my head on his shoulder. Tobias said softly, "There are many beginnings to come. And as long as I have you by my side, I know everything is going to be fine."

"Right back at you," I responded when feeling his lips press against my head.

I had finally found my home, family and identity of who I was.

The End.

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