No Fear

Chapter 6

Passing around the chicken and vegetables at the table, Mr. Gardener asked me, “How did your first day go in service?”

“Good,” I responded and watched everyone eat before I dipped into my dish. I was too excited that Ezekiel was waiting for me, to answer his question with more detail. Shoveling my food in my mouth, his whole family seemed to stare at me. Wiping my lips with a napkin, I said, “Thank you for the meal. I’ll clean up my mess.”

I was about to get up when Connie said, “Excuse me. Sit down at once.” My hazel eyes stared at her out lash. Why was she getting anger? I offered to clean my plate. Sitting back down, she said, “You can leave when you are excuse from the table.”

“Come on Connie,” Bernard said quietly, “the girl is just tired.”

His wife gave Bernard a cold stare and replied, “She can wait until we are all done eating. How else is she to learn our ways?”

Bernard’s mouth pressed together, “She was polite to thank us for food and offered to clean up. What more is there to our ways?” Connie mouth puckered sour as he said, “Clean your dish and you can retire to bed, Miss. Platts.”

I bowed my head and whispered, “Thank you.”

Retreating to the sink to clean my dish and silverware I overheard Connie’s whispers, “I let you volunteer us to take this Erudite into our home and now you’re letting her slid away with this. We never let Eugene do this.”

Bernard sighed, “I expect Eugene to know this idea by now. This is all new to her Connie. She will learn over time.”

Placing my clean dish away, I nodded my head and said, “Thank you again. Good night.”

Mr. Gardener smiled in appreciation as his wife gave me a cold nod. Turning toward the stairs, I flew to my room and closed the door. If looks could kill I be dead by now, I thought annoyed. Connie didn’t like that I was from the Erudite faction that’s for sure.

Oh well. I rolled my eyes. I had more important things to think about. Like Ezekiel waiting for the opportune moment to see me.

Opening my window wide, I search in the darken land. Nothing yet. Pivoting around, I walked over and sat on the edge of my bed to kick off my so called shoes. Gingerly I rubbed my bloody blister heels. Comfort was a foreign word in Abnegation.

Lighting a candle by my bed, I waited for Ezekiel to figure away to climb up to my window. Slowly I sprawled out on my bed and for the first time my bed didn’t seem so uncomfortable as before. Amazing how things changed when your body was fully exhausted.

My candle lost a quarter of its length as I blew it out. Pulling my blanket up to my neck, I tried to think back. Maybe I had mistaken the shadow. Maybe it was an animal? Either way he wasn’t coming. Tears spilled down my face as I silently cried myself asleep. I missed him.

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