No Fear

Chapter 8

Waking up suddenly from a nightmare, I realized I was in my bed with many sacks and a needle and thread littering at my feet. I must have fallen asleep, I thought as rubbed my eyes to the room still lit in daylight.

Making my way down the stairs, I noticed Mrs. Gardener sitting in the arm chair pensively thinking and the rest of the house was quiet. Clearing my throat for her attention, her eyes glared over with hate. I was now regretting coming down. But I still said what I wanted to say before getting that mean look, “I was wondering if you need help with dinner tonight.”

She leaned forward with her lips pursed, “Not many are ever cast out Abnegation, but still it can happen.” She tossed a flower I found in my bedroom last night before my feet. “But I will not tolerate you indulging in materialist ways.” She stood up and towered over me, “If I see another plant like that one in your room now, you shall be punished.”

“But-” I at least wanted to explain the plant in my room, but I never got that far. Smack. My hand clasped over my redden slinging cheek in alarm.

She whispered in anger, “Did I tell you, you could speak child?!!!”

“Connie what are you doing?” A voice echoed through the home as Bernard limped inside with their son behind him.

Her wild eyes shot over to her husband, “Stop protecting her Bernard. She isn’t one of us and never could be. I found her sleeping in her room hoarding flowers for herself.”

“Silent.” Bernard demanded abruptly, throwing Connie through a loop. “Miss. Platts, did you go to your community service today with Miss. Teresa?”

I nodded my head and he asked, “Where did you get the plant from?” He encouraged me, “You can answer.”

“Miss. Teresa. It’s a plant for sore throats.” I answered quietly.

Bernard finally said, “She let you go early today.”

I kept my eyes down, “Yes. Though I was instructed to stitch more bags up for flour today at home.”

Hearing him sigh, Bernard told me, “Nothing has been violated. You can retire to your room Miss. Platts. I’m sorry for my wife’s actions.”

I ducked my head shocked and climbed the stairs back to my room hearing Connie yelling at her husband.

No matter what I would do, I would never be right in Connie’s eyes. I was Erudite. To mother I was a bad egg. Again I didn’t belong.

Later on there was a knock on my door and I choked out in fear, “Come in.”

Eugene entered the room carrying a tray of food and placed it onto the table by my bed. Glancing down at the floor he said, “I hope you can forgive our behavior. My mother hasn’t been well since my older brother left us.”

My eyes searching his broken demeanor, “What happened to him?”

Biting his lip and whispered, “I shouldn’t be saying this, but to me your family since you choice Abnegation. You deserve to know where my mother’s anger and pain are come from.”

Eugene paused for a moment, “When another fight broke out, like the other one from yesterday, my brother was suspected for starting it. Erudite took him away with other men to be killed for their actions. I highly doubt the trial was fair because I know he was innocent. He guarded me the whole time till the fight ended.”

My eyes water up as I finally said, “You have nothing to forgive for. I know pain and fear can change the best people.” Or the worse.

Fear was the reason why my mother fought so hard. Jeanie was afraid of the unknown and the factions failing. She believed our system would be the reason for the human race to continue strongly. And in her eyes, Abnegation was un-deserving of their power and lacking its purpose to serve the system like me. A divergent.

“Thank you,” I replied quietly and Eugene nodded his head and left. Resting my head back, I closed my eyes just thinking about the old days where I had captured some happiness.

My hazel eyed flickered up to find Ezekiel peeking over the roof at me. “So did I convince you enough that Dauntless is the place for you?”

I shifted my books in my arm as I watched Ezekiel flip off the roof’s eave to his feet. I smiled as I joked, “Is that all you do? Jump off buildings and such.”

“Okay I still have to change your mind then. Later tonight meet me on Oak and Carter Street.”

Ezekiel said walking next to me and I told him, “I have to study for my test… though.”

“Though,” Ezekiel added mocking.

I blushed as he blocked me between a brick wall and his body. “Maybe, I could skip one night of studying. I do deserve a break.”

Taking a quick glance around, he kissed my cheek while leaving his jacket in my other hand. He said, “I’ll see you at 7 then.”

It was hard for me to keep a smile off my face than day; especially when people around here didn’t really do that often.

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