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Ask and Thou Wilt Receive

By CloudyLightning

Drama / Fantasy

Chapter 1

A/N: Happens about four to five thousand years before Fire Emblem - Awakening

If there was one emotion that she could describe what she was feeling at the moment, then it would be contentment. The long white-haired woman was sitting on top of a decent bed at the far corner of the room, leaning against the wall. A soft, warm smile graced her lips as she hummed a soft lullaby. Sleeping on her lap, was a small child.

The boy had a look of blissful innocence, sleeping soundly in the comfort of his mother’s lap. His snowy white hair barely covered his pointy manakete ears and his pale skin gave him an ethereal aura. He looked no older than seven, young and blissfully unaware of the dangers outside of his mother’s comfort.

To any normal human, they would think that he was as frail as glass, but Grima knew better. Her child was stronger than an average human child, yet weaker than a manakete.

The mother manakete was determined to make sure that no harm ever came to her child. Robin was her pride and joy. The moment he arrived in this world, Grima wanted nothing more than to protect him, cherish him with everything she had. For forty long years, she hadn’t questioned the abnormalities that Robin showed. He grew much slower than all of the other manakete children, and it only worried her slightly.

As she ran her hands through the ends of his silk-like hair, she silently made a vow to herself. She would never let her only child go.

“Be careful now, Robin!” Grima called as her child scampered around the large field of Mount Prism. A small girl that seemed to be a few years older chased after the tiny child, her long light green hair tied in a high pony tail flowing after her. The two children were playing a simple game of tag. There was a light bit of laughter that sounded right beside the mother manakete.

“Oh, you worry too much.” Grima turned to see her best friend smiling softly. Naga wasn’t just a best friend, but she was almost like a sister, one that Grima could count on. She was a beautiful manakete; pale skin, lime green eyes, and gloriously long, untied, green hair with a showy attire. Grima herself wasn’t as bold as her, having the decency to cover her front with silk cloths and grayish-purple flowy dress as her attire. Her long white hair was up in her usual loose pony tail at the small of her back, keeping the last foot together.

“Naga, I have every right to worry.” Grima said, giving Naga a look with her violet eyes. “If anyone were to find out about him-”

“Grima, he is only fifty years old and he is showing the signs of a normal growth of a manakete. A little late, but he’s still a strong, young child. Soon, he would be just as strong as you. Maybe even more.” Naga assured, casting a loving gaze over the playing children.

“Even if he’s only half a manakete?” Grima muttered silently, not really intending to say it out loud. Of course, as her “sister”, Naga already knew about Robin’s heritage. Sure, Robin was tiny for his age and a bit of a slow learner, Naga could already see the makings of a great manakete. The little child may not seem like it, but he was perceptive and understood things faster than putting it into practice. Her child, Tiki had a tremendous impact on the boy with her infectious, bright personality.

“Even if he is only half a manakete, Grima.”

It didn’t stay a secret for long. Knowledge of Grima having a child with a human stirred unrest with the manaketes, especially the elders. Grima knew that it would be best to hide themselves away for a while, seeing how manaketes would rather have only purity amongst them. Only Naga and her daughter were accepting of them. Despite their combined efforts, Grima was still condemned. Many avoided her, and humans didn’t know any better. She remembered the day the humans forced her out of their capital. She remembered the daunting name the labeled her.

Fell. A dragon manakete that had fallen far out of grace.

The Fell-Dragon, Grima.

For over hundreds of years, Grima had always kept Robin close to her in fear of losing him. She had him stay where she could see him, or sense him. Of course, she did give him a bit of space when he needed it, but Robin didn’t really seem to mind at all. Several times, she thought that her son was hiding his real emotions, keeping that cheery smile on his face. If anything, Grima would’ve guessed that her child quickly adjusted to the fact he was always watched.

Even when his only playmate, Tiki, had been put to sleep in fear of the power she held, he was undaunted by it. It was almost as if he was expecting it for a long while, but just never said anything. The knowing gaze in his eyes made Grima briefly wonder if she made a mistake somewhere. Then again, he was about a hundred years when Tiki fell asleep, so he was sure to be very knowledgeable at that point. After all, she herself was nearly a thousand right next to Naga.

Although, it worried her greatly when he still hadn’t grown as much. Heck, anyone would mistaken him as a child of thirteen years even through he was nearing his four hundred and twenty-third year. Grima knew that manaketes aged much slower, but... Robin’s growth was completely off, seeing how he should’ve looked like a young adult by manakete standards. Yet, when taking into account that Robin was also half human, he really should’ve looked older than Grima herself. Eventually, Grima gave up on trying to figure out just what was wrong with her child. Of course, she had several theories backed with the vast knowledge she held, but she had the feeling that it was something she just shouldn’t question anymore.

So, she relented, deciding to raise her child with the love and care she had.

As time wore on, she noticed that Robin had a look of longing on his face, looking out the window to the castle a few hundred miles away. It was so close, yet so far from his reach. Grima knew that she sheltered him for far too long. As a result, Robin seemed to know less and less about the reality outside his boundaries. Not once did she like the idea of releasing her dearest child, but for the sake of her son... She did.

Flowers were one of the very few things that Robin had came to love. The moment his mother told him that he was free to do whatever he liked, he was gone before a whole minute passed (not before thanking her in delight). He immediately took into the air, turning in to his dragon form and flapped with his powerful wings. It didn’t take long for him to land in a field of bluebells about a good several miles from a town. In fact, he had already in mid-transformation as he practically fell to the ground.

Robin stared at the dragonstone in his hands. It was a little big for him to hold with one hand, so he cupped it with both. His curious green eyes were staring at the stone with awe. The colors were a gentle blue with tinges of purple, signifying the source of his power. During the hundreds of years of his life, Robin had barely ever used his dragonstone. He knew that his mother was completely overprotective, but he couldn’t help but think that she could’ve at least allow him to fight a few of his battles. Now that he actually used it... It felt amazing!

The thrill... the sheer adrenaline that flooded his veins... the wind against his dragon scales...!

Robin grinned, gripping the dragonstone closer to his chest. He was finally free!

Laughing a little to himself, he slipped his dragonstone into his little pouch he made for it and began to cross the large field with a leap in his step... heading straight for the city. It didn’t take him very long, considering the fact that he ran into a young merchant who decided to give him a lift. She was a very nice woman with her cheery personality... if Robin ignored the fact that she was trying to sell him something, despite the fact that he had no money. The moment he entered the city, Robin was beyond speechless. He was stuck between awe and fear from the shear amount of people that flooded the streets.

He thanked the merchant and went on his way, checking the stalls and stores that lines the streets. Not knowing any better, Robin slipped into one of the alleyways to get away from the crowd. He was completely overwhelmed by the sounds that were somewhat new to him. Already, he was missing the silence of the fore-

“Look out!”

Robin barely had the chance to register the voice before something-Or someone crashed into him. “Wah!”


The world spun a little for Robin as he tried to focus on at least something. Never once did someone actually run into him like this!

“Ow...” muttered a voice next to him. It was young, a completely new voice he never heard before. Robin couldn’t held but blink at the culprit. There, sitting up and rubbing his head in slight pain, was a boy that looked to be only thirteen. His face was border lining between childishness and youthfulness with the curious look in his vibrant azure eyes. His blue hair was a bit long, but short enough for a boy.

The young manakete blinked, taking note that the boy was finely dressed. Robin quickly concluded that the boy was no ordinary, run-of-the-mill human.

“Sorry!” the boy said with a sheepish grin, looking at the Robin, “-I was in a rush and-”


The boy cut himself off as grabbed Robin’s wrist. The young manakete didn’t even know what happened next as the boy practically yanked him to his feet and pulled him further down the alleyway. “Come on! He’s coming!”

“W-what?! Who’s coming?!” Robin spluttered as he caught his feet and followed the boy. In all honesty, Robin would’ve stayed behind, but the boy’s tight grip around his wrist was forcing him otherwise. The boy tossed a grin over his shoulder.

“Just follow me!”

Robin wasn’t given much of a choice as he decided to just go with it. With a glance over his shoulder, he paled. A young man in light blue and white armor with a panicked look on his face was gunning after them. A shot of fear shocked Robin to pick up his pace. He had seen a person chase after him and his mother once, but that was...years ago!

“Milord! Wait!”

“Come on!” the boy said as he lead the way. Robin couldn’t help but follow him, fear and excitement flooding his veins. The two practically traversed a majority of the market district, ducking into stalls and angering a few owners, losing the armored man in the crowds... Half an hour later the two found themselves in the outskirts of the city, leaning against the wall to try and catch their breath.

“So...” began the boy, still catching his breath. “Sorry...*huff* For dragging you- *huff* -and-!”

He cut himself off, hearing a faint laughter right next to him. Confused, he looked to see Robin clutching the sides of his stomach. A light, gentle laughter was pouring out of the young manakete. In all honesty, Robin didn’t even know why he was laughing. He just felt like he had too!

Shaking his head, he slumped down the ground and rested his head against the wall. “Ahaha! I’m s-sorry! Haha! That was- That was way too fun! Ahahaha!”

It wasn’t long before the boy’s laughter joined with Robin’s, filling the air for a good five minutes.

“I think we definitely lost him.” the boy said, letting his laughter die down. Robin nodded his head.

“Ahaha, yeah, I think so.” he agreed, crossing his arms over his pulled up knees near his chest. “By the way, why were you running from him?”

“Eh, I was getting bored and I wanted to get away from everything.” the boy answered honestly. Robin blinked at him.

“Get away?”

“Yeah, too much is going on. You know, establishing a the kingdom with a new monarchy... There’s also a new religion that was created a few years ago too.” the boy said, placing a hand on his hip.

“A new religion?” Robin asked, tilting his head. The boy nodded.

“Yeah, haven’t you heard of it? It’s a cult that worships the Fell Dragon, Grima...” Robin frowned at the mention of his mother’s name.

“Why? I mean, mother’s not a bad dragon. She’s just misunderstood.” he said, “And it’s not her fault either.”

“She’s you’re mother?” the boy asked incredulously. Robin blinked, realizing his mistake too late.

“I-I-I mean, no! I mean, yes! No, I mean-ugh,” Robin gave up on trying to save himself, buying his face into his arms from embarrassment. Now he was sure that he screwed up- His thoughts were interrupted by a short laugh, causing him to look up in shock.

“Ahaha, it’s okay. I believe you.” the boy said, grinning at him. “If the Fell Dragon is your mother, then I’m sure she is a wonderful person.”

Robin allowed a smile on his face. “She is. She can be overprotective, but she’s the best mother I could ever ask for.”

“By the way, I don’t think we actually introduced ourselves.” the boy said, changing the subject. Robin nodded in agreement. They were, after all, busy running away from a person earlier...

“I’m Chrom!” the boy introduced, pushing himself off the wall and offering his hand with a smile. “You are?”

Robin grinned up at Chrom and took his hand, allowing himself to be pulled up. “Robin.”

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