Infinite DC Journeys: The Missing Face

Part Two

While voyaging down the dimensional corridor, Clarence noticed that his new friend – the Darkman – was able to regain some of his speech. The first thing that he asked was, “Where are we?”

His voice still sounded gruff to Clarence.

“It’s hard to explain,” he told the Darkman. “But I guess you can say that we’re in an alien spaceship that can travel between parallel dimensions.”


The Darkman randomly flew into rage.

Clarence flinched in terror as the man advanced on him. “I-I-I am tellin’ the truth, Mr. Darkman, sir. A-And if Mandy were awake right now, she’d say it is, too.” He gestured to the bandaged Time Lady lying on the floor, still unconscious.

“I’m in no mood for jokes, boy! If you don’t tell me what’s really goin’ on, I’m gonna—!”

In his rage, the Darkman caught sight of his reflection from the monitor over the control console. Seeing the obscurity his face was, he unraveled the bandages to see how badly burnt he was. Needless to say, the result was less than gratifying for him.

He wept at the control console, unable to even look at his reflection any longer.

“It’s not so bad,” Clarence less-than-helpfully reassured.

Of course, it was not what the Darkman wanted to hear.

Again, he raged, taking it out on the T.A.R.D.I.S. control console.

“Oh, no,” Clarence cried. “Don’t do that, Mister Darkman! We need that to fly across the ’finite corilor!”

The Darkman didn’t listen.

Sparks flew as he punched into the console with his new superhuman strength.

The T.A.R.D.I.S. spun off-course, lurching the ship violently out of control.

Clarence was thrown against the wall, knocked unconscious.

Some moments later, he woke back up.

The chaos he endured from the Darkman’s horrible temper quieted down, yet the console room suffered horribly from it.

Upon awakening, he saw a handsome-looking group of people led by a man in dark clothing. Clarence wondered if he hit his head harder than he imagined, because these people all appeared as if they were in black-and-white.

They checked on the still-comatose Mandy.

The Darkman was nowhere to be seen or found.

“Take her to the city, so that she can receive treatment,” the group’s leader ordered in regards to Mandy.

Clarence panicked, watching the handsome group of people carry Mandy out of the T.A.R.D.I.S. “Hey, get back here! Where are all you good-looking people taking my friend?!”

“It’s O.K., son,” their leader calmed him. “They’re going to get her some help. She’s badly hurt and needs a doctor right away.”

I could’ve told you that,” Clarence defiantly stated. “Who are you anyway?”

“My name’s Walter Smith. And, telling from your unbelievable vessel here, you and your friend aren’t from around these parts.”

“We’re travelers. We were gonna see all sorts of worlds, before she got hurt.”

“Well, I assure you that both of you will be back on your journey in no time. There are brilliant surgeons in the city that will restore her – but perhaps not in the way you might hope they will.”

That last part uneased Clarence. “What do you mean?”

“They’re not your regular surgeons,” Walter said.

Mandy startled herself awake, gasping.

Everything was completely dark.

The last thing she could remember was being caught in that explosion, while she was putting the Loki mask on.

She felt herself lying comfortably in a bed.

She touched her head, unsettled to feel how much it was wrapped in dressings.

“I-Is anyone there?” she asked, her fear rising. “Is anyone there?!”

“I’m here,” a voice in the darkness spoke.

It was a woman – presumably a nurse.

“Oh, thank god,” Mandy muttered. “I don’t know what’s going on. Where am I? I…I can’t see with the bandages blocking my vision.”

“It’s best to keep your eyes covered until we know they can readjust to the lights,” the nurse informed. “They suffered just as much damage as the rest of your face, but Dr. Douglas was able to repair all of it. He’s the finest surgeon we have.”

“Reconstructive surgery,” Mandy deduced. “You’ve given me a new face.”

“Yes,” the nurse confirmed.

Concern soon outweighed curiosity, once she reminded herself of a certain 8-year-old companion. “Clarence! Is he alright? Where is he?”

“I’m afraid I don’t know who that is, Miss,” the nurse said.

“He’s a friend,” Mandy clarified. “He’s a very impressionable little fella. I hope he’s somewhere safe.”

“I’m sure that he is. But, for now, you must worry only about yourself. Dr. Douglas will determine when you’ll be allowed to take off your bandages and see your new face.”

Mandy nervously chuckled. “I gotta admit…I’m terrified of what I’ll see. I’ve been used to getting a new one after six times now. But this is the first I’ve gotten one while still being me.”

The nurse was lost on her meaning, thinking her to be delirious from the medication. “Get some rest,” she suggested.

Mandy did so, permitting the nurse to leave her room and move out into the hall.

There, she consulted with the head surgeon, Dr. Stuart Douglas.

“And how is our patient?” He asked with much exuberance.

“A little out of it under the high dosage of painkillers we gave her, but otherwise recuperating speedily.”

“We’ve done it. We’ve conducted rare, experimental treatment on our first patient. The Superior Leader will be pleased. The first of a new breed shall be born in his name!”

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