Sway La


This is a story about a girl named Nessa ( you ) , who moves with her best friend Mads to LA and is neighbors with the Sway boys who notice the girls moving in next to them and decide to talk to the 2 girls. What will happen once they start to hang out? Will You and mads find love in the big city of LA right next door?? Read to find out New Updates Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Romance / Drama
Kaylee Wheelen
Age Rating:


Bryce Hall -19- Addison

Addison Rae -19- Bryce

Jaden Hossler -18-Mads

Mads Lewis -18-Jaden

Josh Richards -17-Nessa (you)

Nessa Barrett (you) -17-Josh

Tayler Holder -20- Kelianne

Kelianne Stankus -20- Tayler

(Ant)Anthony Reeves-18-Avani

Avani Gregg-19-Ant

more people will be introduced throughout the story

You can imagine your name as whatever but for the story your name is Nessa because it fits with the story:))

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