Boruto spin-off draft 1


Boruto awakes from a long dream in the middle of the night. Lately boruto hasn’t been feeling himself much. He describes the feeling as something normal and thinks he will be himself in a few days. But what he doesn’t know is darkness awaits for him.

Action / Adventure
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A perfect world

Boruto wakes up in the middle of the night confused and can’t remember much. He feels like he had a long dream and hasn’t slept much that night. He try’s to remember what him and the rest of team 7 did on their mission the other day but just cant think properly. Boruto feels exhausted and just falls asleep.

a perfect sunny morning is a head. team 7 must report back to the hokage on their failed escort mission. Of course boruto is late. While Sarada, mitsuki and konahamaru sensei go without boruto to the hokage office boruto is still in bed sleeping.

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