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The Vampires Bond


This story is based on a series called vampire knight and their version of vampire versus human battles. My main character here is a pureblood vampire Aristocrat named Tsubasa. And on his adventures going throughout his life as an heir and an academy student.

Adventure / Fantasy
Mandi Kelly
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

☆Chapter 1☆ The Moon Prince☆


It was a calm day at the ever shaded and regal mannered building that was cross academy as it was just turning to day with everything being normal with human day class students getting up for their classes and nightclass students sleeping away in the silent peace of their beautifully made dorm abode that had a mansion feel to it. All was quiet and calm aside for the buzzing rumor of the students that had been told of a new night student to come be transferred to their school from another.

As the principal had the dayclass students just leave the auditorium from the mention of this new student they were all reminded to keep distance from him and follow the rules of staying away from the night class dorm next to leaving their classes early since he was set to show up about the time the nightclass would switch to go to their classes.

Meanwhile in the back of the car of the taxi that was hired for his personal transportation Tsubasa silently sat with one leg over the other,wearing his usual casual outright of a red long sleeved soft shirt and simple black jeans with black combat boots on and his long black hair down and draping around his shoulders to his chest as his semi muscled self sits with a bored look on his pale face and a tired look in his purple eyes.

Tsubasa himself wondered what this academy was like as he thought of the letters he read that had been sent to him from the headmaster in wanting him enrolled there,sitting silently with shimmering purple eyes that stared out at the sceneries he was driven by. Soon though he simply yawned and leaned his chin on his right arm with his chin in the palm of his hand. The car that was driving him being that of a classic car for rich people that was black and being driven by a butler that was his assistant since he himself had his condition and only his butler and kaien knew how to help him if he was harmed,Tsubasa thinking of how to introduce himself and how he was going to adjust to living in a place where human students were aside from other vampires like him even though he had a very high status like the one vampire name kaname kuran of the infamous kuran family that was popular and respected but not as much as his own ancient tsukiyomi family since they had rare powers.

After hours of traveling he soon rolled down his window with the window button on his cars door to see clearly,seeing the courtyard as he blinked his lavender colored eyes tiredly at the beautiful view before him of the school,Tsubasa spotting zero and kaien soon in standing at the front of the academy so once the car parks in front of them and stopped he waited for the butler to open the door before he carefully got out then stood in front of the two with a slight smile to them as he greeted them. "Hello kaien. Hello zero. Its nice to see you two again after all of this time."

In response to his greeting zero simply blinked then nodded towards Tsubasa with crossed arms in reply before zero glanced away and went inside,leaving kaien to sigh and Tsubasa to shake his head but then smile still and go in with kaien to his office to enroll Tsubasa in the school. He had looked around once in the office and sat in the chair with his butler standing nearby the door as Tsubasa was being enrolled.

After about four hours tsubasa was soon enrolled and had been given a room in the nightclass dorm,zero and his butler going into an empty room as Tsubasa had only a simple suitcase with minimal things he cherished as he waited until the butler left the room to go talk to kaien,leaving Tsubasa and zero in the same room.
He looked to zero who looked uncomfortable and shifty in wanting to leave so he sighed with a calm exhale to zero,who was his adopted brother that he saw as a younger sibling. "Zero. You don't have to stay or say anything. I can take care of the rest here."

Zero: When he heard Tsubasa he blinked and soon grit his fangs as he trembled a bit in hanging his head,the bottled up misery he felt of feeling alone and pressured their with no family getting to him as his eyes watered and he cried there. Zero holding one arm tightly with a shaky hand as he stood with his voice sounding shaky. "Its been too long. I have felt alone all of this time Tsubasa. Its been years."

Tsubasa saw this and listened to zero as he frowned,realizing that while he was away being taught to be an heir his sibling zero felt alone and likely hated. He felt sad and had pity in his eyes for zero as he just shifted his weight to one side before he walked to zero and stared down at him before he lightly hugged his younger sibling,speaking softly but seriously.
"I am sorry you were hurt and alone for so long. But your not alone,you can show your pain and everything to me. You won't be alone anymore zero,I am here for you.Let out all of your pain and loneliness to me."

Tsubasa then gently felt zero hug back and zero set his head on his shoulder,hugging back just as Tsubasa touched one hand to the back of zeros head and patted gently in feeling zero tremble and give out nearly hushed sobs so Tsubasa shows his mature and serious strong self,comforting his younger brother and hugging him,rubbing his back. He eyes simply flashed an angry red for a moment as he thought to how he wanted to rip apart those who hurt his sibling and how he didn't like how he felt alone and in misery. After about an hour he waited and let zero soon calm down before he took zero out to the town to go talk and catch up on each others lives and what they have missed,Tsubasa ignoring the stares of those around the two as he talked to zero of his travels.

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