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DANGEROUS ZONE¦skz boy love¦


DANGEROUS ZONE STRAY KIDS (Hyunjin X IN) ●BXB ●Self harm, blood(smth) ●Gangs There are more ships and its about everyone not just Hyunjin and Jeongin

Romance / Action
Seoyun Kim
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Hyunjin POV

I don't think I never wanted to die as much as I do now. I just got into StrayKids and they give me the worst part, of course I’m a novice but being with a pedophile is really too much. Although everything depends on me, so I feel brave, although I still feel more ashamed in the tight leather pants in which my blood protocol has stopped for a long time. I was sitting in a hotel room with the leader from the GOT7 gang, he was on the bed and in an instant he pointed at his leg. I got up from my chair and tried not to vomit when I sat on his leg.

Jb: How lucky I am when I got you

I shivered when he ran his hand over my neck, it looks like this one is really horny in the head.

Jb: I paid you dearly but it will pay off, shall we start

Although I was told not to kill him in the beginning I had to. That pedophile tryed to kiss me, but I took out my knife imperceptibly and stabbed him behind the neck.

Me: no, my first kiss is for IN, so die

I got up from the dead body before it fell to the floor. I pressed the bug hidden in the earring

Me: well he's dead, where is the flesh

Felix: Is it already? Well, look in the drawers and the safe in the wall

I started looking for flesh everywhere in the room making a total mess. Quite by accident, I looked away from the dead body and saw something outlined in his pocket. I put my hand in his pocket and bingo, flesh.

Me: I found it

Felix: Great, the bathroom has a window. Outside you will see a gutter bar where you can go down. Downstairs, a spearb and a han are waiting for you

Me: received

I did as he said but I was not happy when I saw Han in the car.

Han is one of the members stray kids who tease you up for every nonsense and quickly annoys you, while on the field he is the best with a gun even though he becomes a real psychopath. Spearb is in the same position as Han but he is more normal than him.

I got in the car and sat in the back seat

Spearb: You're fast

Me: what did you expect from me

Han: And you had a good time in those pants

Me: ha ha ha, it's really not fair I have to be with pedophiles

Han: Sorry feminized, we're all equal except you, u know. I don't know if there is a person to wear those pants if it isn't you

I: well, he is real

Spearb: then bring him in and you'll have a better role

Me: no and he's just mine, only I can watch him

Han: I didn’t know you were gay and had a boyfriend

Spearb: look who tells him

Me: he's not my boyfriend yet but that's not your problem,I would burn you if you looked at him

Han: I don't need any of your kids, I have my own man

Spearb: how many times minho kicked you, u could print the whole wall with dates

Han: He will bite my hook once

Me: not sure

He pulled out a gun and turned it toward me

Han: Don't get on my nerves kid

Spearb: drop it

Han: I'm just kidding, it would be hard to find another pet

He crawled out to me and turned around. Yes I was talking about this when I said it was irritating.

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