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ATEEZ BOY LOVE STORY(fluff and smut) - pirates (Hongjoong, wooyoung and yunho) 🏴 ☠ I - Merman (Seonghwa , San and Mingi)🧜🏻 ------------------------------------------------------- Wooyoung, Hongjoong and Yunho are a group of pirates from Utopia Island. In their journey they lost their friend Yeosang, he just left them and from that moment they never saw him again. Wooyoung meet San who was found to be not human. As they get to know each other better, sparks of love came in the environment, but that causes a lot of problems between their captains and friends.

Romance / Fantasy
Seoyun Kim
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Wooyoung POV

I sat on the deck waiting for Hongjoong and yunho to pick me up. .I tossed with the bag of jewelry I earned along the way, let's say I stole more correctly. I lingered but at least I brought something, although they were definitely late. I heard the jewelry move in the bag. When I looked to the side I caught a thief in the act, a boy with only his head sticking out of the water grabbed my jewelry and plunged it into the water


I jumped into the water after him but when I looked in front of me I saw something crazy. The guy who stole my jewelry had a fish tail and was quite close to me so it didn't seem to me. Suddenly he disappeared and appeared from the side and everything so a few times, I didn’t pay attention to running out of breath. It was more important for me to survive so I went upstairs but somehow I got too deep. Already in the middle I ran out of air and started choking.


So far I have not seen a more handsome pirate than this. It would be a shame for him to die but seonghwa and mingi would kill me to find out that I saved him. Although they would save such a handsome character, seonghwa might not but mingi 100%will,he would understand me. I turned the direction of movement towards that character who was floating in the water without consciousness. I took him and dragged him out of the water and then to the shore where he was. I just left him there, the survivor didn't swallow as much water. I dived into the water and went back to my friends. Of course as soon as I got to the cave I saw a frowning seonghwau as usual

Seonghwa: Finally

Mingi: You really don't know how to drown someone without playing with them

Me: at least I didn't come empty-handed

I threw a bag of seonghwi jewelry. I didn't know if I should tell them that nisan drowned him, but they certainly won't see him so I can keep quiet

Seonghwa: how many are there
(36 count on my self PFFF JKJK)

Me: just one handsome guy

Seonghwa: And this is how long it took you to drown him

Me: you know I do everything slowly

Seonghwa: Of course

He went to the entrance and then in an unknown direction.

Mingi: You didn't drown him, did you?

Me: how you always break me when I lie

Mingi: Because I wouldn't drown him either if he was handsome

Me: ahh I want to know his name

Mingi: wow wow, stop a little romeo. Seonghwa would kill you to find out that you left him alive and secondly that you fell in love with a pirate

Me: well he's cold

Mingi: I can watch your back if you want to find him

Me: Really? I owe you man

Mingi: Just try not to come late

Me: don't worry I won't, and now I'm going to find my romeo

Wooyoung POV

I woke up in my bed, wait did I dream it. I went out on deck where I found yunha cleaning while hongjoong steered

Yunho: Is it possible you woke up

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