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Chapter 2

Yunho: Is it possible you woke up

Wooyoung: what time is it

Hongjoong: About 5 is not enough sleep for you, so you slept on deck as well

Yunho: Now clean up a little

He threw me a wet cloth

Wooyoung: I didn’t sleep I don’t even know how I got here

Hongjoong: if you hadn't slept you just slept a little on the shore

All I remember is that that guy stole my jewelry and I ran into the water after him.

Wooyoung: I wasn’t in the water, a fishtail guy stole my jewelry

Yunho: wow just wow

Hongjoong: did your little mermaid may save your life hahaha. You really surprise me sometimes wooyoung, you better go wash the boat outside until it gets dark

Wooyoung: I'm not lying

Yunho: Come on, make sure the mermaid doesn't drag you into the water

Of course, I'm the one who turned out to be a clown now, let them laugh, but when I prove it to them, they will see who was right.

I lowered the handles with which I hooked up to the boat and started to remove the algae sticking.

San: It was easy to find you

I turned left to right and up, there was no one until I looked down. That guy from today was sticking his head out of the water laughing

Wooyoung: wait... you are that thief from today!

San: You're welcome to save your life

Wooyoung: eait, it was you?

San: That's right, sugar

Wooyoung: Call me that one more time and I'll cut off your head

San: then what should I call you

Wooyoung: what do you care about me

San : then sugar remains

Wooyoung: Well, wooyoung

San: san

Wooyoung: wait, how do you move you don't swim

San: who said I don't swim

Wooyoung: wait! Are you half a fish?

San : how you people have cheeky names

He dived into the water

Wooyoung: wait I didn’t mean to say so

After a few seconds, he jumped out of the water. Then I could see him whole, a handsome slender body with a tail instead of legs. I saw him for a short time, but even that short time was enough.

San: What ?

Wooyoung: I knew I wasn't crazy HO-

San: NO

Wooyoung: what now

San: No one is allowed to see me yet. I would be in trouble if they found out about me

Yunho: hey woo

The San plunged into the water and I looked up

Yunho: Who are you talking to?

Wooyoung: umm ... I am singing?

Yunho: Well then, climb up.
Hongjoong says the waves will start now, only if you want to swim with your mermaid

Wooyoung: haha

After that, he left and the dream surfaced again

San : You have a very charming friend

Wooyoung: What u like him

San : pfft, not me no. My friend would probably like it

Wooyoung: really, how about you come to the ship with your friend tomorrow. Yunho would believe I'm not crazy and you might have some use for it

San: Maybe I have. Okay then, we'll come tomorrow, woogie

He twisted and dived into the water, if he had stayed a little longer I think he would have hung it like a carp.

I went back to the deck and went to the room


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