Among us


As astronauts get on their ship, they realize there are 3 imposters on their ship that might kill them. The crewmates have to finish their tasks on the ship before the imposters kill everyone

Mystery / Action
Angela Reece
4.0 1 review
Age Rating:

Get on the ship

5 astronauts enter a ship. Green, red, yellow, pink, and blue. They all sit down or choose their hats to wear. Cyan and purple join, looking a little sus. No body suspects anything yet.

Red: So....when are we going to start doing our tasks?

Yellow: When we have enough people.

Red: Ok

Pink looked around the waiting room and saw a knife on the floor.

Pink: Hey guys why is there a knife on the ground?!

Purple seemed surprised and worried.

Purple: Oh....uh....I don’t know. That’s very weird

Pink stared at purple. She noticed something sus about her. She leaned over to red and started whispering to him.

Pink: I think their are imposters on the ship!

Red: No way! We all are here to just finish our tasks

Black, brown, and lime join the ship. They finally have enough people to start their tasks. Pink takes a key from the table and unlocks a door that leads them into the ship. Everybody starts walking into the cafeteria. But purple stays. Purple watches all of them leave and slowly grabs the knife from the floor. Cyan looks back at purple, and notices the knife in her hand. But cyan looks away like she saw nothing.
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