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By chance


The creatures taken pity upon by a fine young man

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1: the fire

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I put my foot out to make sure that the fire was big enough for my monstrous embrace, I assured myself it was big enough I stepped on it smiling my Creator was dead I had nothing left I guess I better put him out of his misery

I throw him into the flames throwing myself in with him forever he will rest at my feet when all of a sudden the Flames disappear and I find myself in front of a man he has to be around 18 sitting in front of a fire controlled by hearth oh how beautiful he is he seems to have golden locks of hair never have I seen a male with blonde hair well that was a lie Robert has blond hair the young man was sipping on his cup of tea holding a newspaper or was it a book I tried not to gasp when I saw from the title my creators loathsome name ring by someone known as Mary Shelley it was titled Frankenstein the modern Prometheus what a joke I allowed myself a laugh I suppose he heard me because he turned himself around and I have never beheld such a beautiful face in my life before his cherry red lips and brown eyes made me smile and the only way I could tell he was not female was a lack of tits he approached me and I ready to myself for combat. What I received was a hug, I had no idea what it was happening the world was traveling add a hundred miles per minute yet in his eyes I saw hope of companionship,I smiled allowing myself to be happy

" I’m Thomas what’s your name” Thomas said I shook his hand

" I was given no name” I said he understood

" you look like a Benjamin, or an Adam ,or a Felix” Thomas said upon hearing the name Felix my mind returned to the cottagers And how mercilessly I was beaten quickly without hesitation I said

" I like the name Adam!” I said quickly Thomas smiled

hours worked by like seconds he told me more about himself talking about, how he was a poor college student, a job he hates dead parents, fear of being abandoned and obsession with bringing things back from the dead almost if I was talking to my own creator as a young lad but Thomas is kind and gentle then he noticed my appearance fully I was completely dirty I have not bathed in weeks

" you need a bath, I will make it for you and I will take care of you” he said pushing my long-ass hair out of my face

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