jt and dababy love story

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

“bruh seriously I would drop all my hoes for denzel washington that man is fineeeeee" Megan stated as i agreed then we laughed. "girl you crazy but tomorrow night we'll be at me and caresha album release party" i said as she smiled. "I'm so nervous bitch" i sighed as she giggled. "Jatavia you're THAT bitch after Act Up dropped the fans wanted to hear more, y’all album is a banger" she said as i smiled.

"what are you wearing tomorrow with your sexy chocolate self anyway?" Megan asked with a smirk looking up from her phone as I thought.
“girl it’s a surprise you have to wait and see but regardless of what i wear i ain’t finna get no niggas on my ass anyway” I said popping a grape in my mouth . She waved me off "you are a bad bitch and don't even know it" she started off as I paused and continued listening to her.

“you’re smart, fine as hell, funny and just pretty these men want you, you just don't pay attention and you scare them away" she joked as I laughed “niggas mostly prefer lighter, white or Latina women. I don't even get a text back, niggas don’t even be looking my way they be looking at the bitch behind me" i joked the last part as she giggled.

"well what about Uzi, y’all were boo’d up for a while?" She asked "it's complicated we together but then I don't know he fuck around on me but anyway he's mad at me right now because i got a ‘attitude’ after he promised me he would come tonight then changed his mind last minute
" I explained "are you two really together?" She asked as I shrugged " yeah I guess maybe that's why he tripping" I said as we laughed.
"then he needs to treat you better niggas out here swiping girls from other niggas left and right he better get on his game otherwise imma take you from him" Megan stated as I giggled. “ he probably stressed from all his shows he had to do”

"girl...stop making excuses up for that nigga you're too valuable" she stated as I smiled and I looked at my phone "well if you don't get a man you know I like em both" she said sticking her tongue out then laughed. "you know your wittle hottie wottie" she said in a baby voice squeezing my cheek as I smiled.

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