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The Emo Couple || MYG


Credits to CHIMLINA for the front cover This story is about a 23 girl who used to not be emo and before she was with the boy she is with now she used to be with someone named Jeon Jungkook but he was cheating on her, after she found out she broke up with him and started to be single for awhile and started to get depressed, a few years later she started to wear emo clothes and dyed her hair black fading to dark blue then while she was walking in the shops for more clothes she saw this boy named Min Yoongi and started to be friends, then he started to get feelings and she did aswell, then her childhood friend Jung Hoseok confessed his feeling to her and she rejected sadly, so Jung Hoseok got mad and started to make a plan to kill her. "If I can't have you..... NO ONE CAN!!!!" Jung Hoseok said to himself Start Date: 19/12/2020 Ending Date: Ongoing © Copyright 2021 By YøøñSwãg

Romance / Other
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Cheating Boyfriend

You wake up to see that your boyfriend Jungkook wasn't next to you. "*Sighs* he always isn't here when I wake up" You say, you go to the bathroom and have a shower, after the shower you put you're pastel pink hair in a bun and wear this:

"Time to go shopping with Jisoo!" You said excitedly.

Y/N: Hey Jisoo I'm waiting outside my house

Jisoo: Okay I'm coming now

Y/N: Okay see you soon

Jisoo: See ya
End of texts

You see Jisoo's Blue Toyota "Get in girl,!" Jisoo said "We're going shopping!!!".

At the shops

After a bit of shopping Jisoo then said "Y-Y/N look" Jisoo said turning me to where she is looking at "J-jungkook..." You said starting to cry, you see Jungkook with another girl kissing "I h-hate you Jeon J-jungkook!!!" You said yelling and crying "W-wait! Y/N!" Jungkook said running to you pushing the girl to the ground "Fuck off mister Jeon Jungkook!!" Jisoo said pushing him to the ground running after you.

At home

"Y/N open the door!!" Jisoo said knocking at you're bedroom door since you locked it "No!" You said shouting and crying "Please...." Jisoo said pushing the door "Fine!" You said walking to the door and unlocking the door "Let me help you pack everything..." Jisoo said helping you "W-why...," "WHY DID HE DO THIS!!" You said shouting and crying "Y/N go in my car and lock the doors," "you can have a lil nap in there while I pack up everything" Jisoo said hugging you "Thank you you're the bestest friend a friend could have" You said walking to the car.

Few hours later

Y/N.... Wake up" Jisoo said quietly "huh what?...." You said waking up "We at my house let's go inside" Jisoo said helping you up "Hm" you said still emotional about what happen between you and Jungkook. You walk into the house and inhaling the Vanilla scent "I love this scent everytime I walk in" You said exhaling "Thank you it's a scent I always use" Jisoo said laughing "Go to my room and sleep" Jisoo said walking to the car to get your stuff "Okay" you said walking up to her room, Jisoo and you were friends since childhood and you guys always slept together so it wasn't werid for you and her to sleep in the same bed.

The next day

"Y/N wake up" Jisoo said "Nuuuuu" You said rolling over, then Jisoo takes the blanket off of you "Fuckk youuuu Jisoo" You said getting up, You have a shower and put you're hair in a ponytail and wear this:

"Jisoo I'm done!" You said yelling to Jisoo "Okay let's go shopping for goth clothes!" Jisoo said getting her purse and you're purse "Wait what?" You said surprised "You're not gonna wear them CuTe clothes" Jisoo said taking you're hand "Can I wear these clothes for a few months?" You said hopefully she would say yes "Fine but we're still getting goth clothes after you stop wearing this disgusting, cute, pastel clothes" She said walking to her car with you're hand still in hers "Okay can you let go of my hand now?" You said "Okay shortie" She said "I hate youuuuuu giant" You said "I love you too sweetie" she said starting the engine.

At the shops

"Ey what about this?" Jisoo said showing a dress

"I like it" You said putting it in the bag "Um Y/N" Jisoo said surprised "Wha-" You said stopping in mid sentence "Jungkook..." You said getting angry "Hi um can I talk to you Y/N?" He said sadly "Whatever" You said wanting to punch his face "I'm sorry baby, she kis-" He got cut off by you "No she didn't kiss you, you loved the fucking kiss you BOTH kissed each other and don't call me BaBy!" You said punching him in the face "Get.away.from.ME!" You said yelling at him and going to the cash register and paying for you're clothes.

At Jisoo's house

"Jisoo I'll have the guest room and you can have you're room back!", You said yelling at her "Okay, just get you're shopping bags from my room!" She said yelling back.

Few weeks later

"Y-Y/N...?" Jisoo said stuttering "J-Jisoo...." You said stuttering "W-why are you cutting y-yourself....?" Jisoo said starting to cry "I-I'm sorry.... It's just because of the b-break up" You said sadly putting the knife down on the bathroom counter.

"You'll be mine"

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