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Lying Lovers (kamixbaku)


Bakugo and Izuku are dating. Kaminari and Todoroki are dating. One day Kaminari came back from training with Kirishima earlier than he said. He went to his boyfriends dorm room like he always does, when he is meet with an unforgettable seen. With tears in his eyes, he ran to the other person affected by this scene. I do not own bnha, or the cover art. (Originally from wattpad, but I transferred it over here too)

Drama / Erotica
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Unforgivable Actions

Denki's PoV

Me and Kirishima have finished training earlier than usual. I guess I was just really excited to see my boyfriend. We enter the dorm building, and I go straight to the lift. I wave goodbye to Kirishima, as he goes over to Mina in the common kitchen. Entering the lift, I click the third floor. I tap my foot impatiently, as the lift pips at every floor. When it opens I near enough run to Shoto's dorm.

When I get to his room, I open the door immediately. In doing so, the smile on my face to see my boyfriend is soon lost. My watery eyes widen, and my mouth opens. Tears drop from the ends of my eyes, as a shocked scream is released from me. The two people in the room turn towards me, and then dad fill both their faces.

"Denki, it's not what it looks like." Shoto tells me.

"Then what is it, because to me it seems like you're having sex with Midoriya!" I tell to him.

"Denki please I-" He tries to continue.

"You don't get to call me that! We're through!" I shout.

I slam the door shut, and run away back to the lift. I click the button, and stand there contemplating on what I should do next. I could go to Kirishima and cry to him, but I don't really feel like seeing him right now. I could go back to my room, but it would only leave me to think everything over more. That is not what I need to be doing right now. What other option do I have.

When the lift opens, I'm met with Bakugo's angry, red eyes staring at me. His eyes switch to confusion and concern, but only for a second, before they go back to normal. Right, I completely forgot about how this will affect others. Midoriya is Bakugo's boyfriend. I should probably tell him about what I just saw. The only this is that I have no idea how he would respond.

"Are you going to get in so I can go to my room, or are you going to just stand there?" He questions.

I quickly wipe my eyes from the salty water, and get in next to Bakugo. I click the second floor button, which is the door to my room. I sniffle, trying not to let my house run. I wipe my eyes again, I don't need to be crying right now. He is not worth crying over. I take deep breathe, and look up next to me at Bakugo.

"Fine, why are you crying?" He asked, sounding aggravated.

"I don't know if I should tell you." I whisper.

" If your not going to tell me, then don't cry in front of me." He grits out with an eyeroll.

"I just saw Sh-Todoroki cheating on me with another is all." I say.

Tears fall from my eyes, from just saying what had happened. Just imagining the scene I saw. I quickly wipe them away, before he could see them. Todoroki isn't worth crying over. Yeah, he might be high in class, and one of the hottest people to exist, and his touch may be gentle, but that isn't worth crying over. Who am I kidding, I was in love with him, and he just went and cheated on me, like I meant nothing.

"Well that's shut. Who with?" He says surprisingly quiet.

"I was dreading that question." I breath out.

"Why is that a big deal?" He questions.

"It's because it was with Midoriya." I say under my breathe.

He turns towards me, with a shocked look on his face. Eyes wide, mouth open. He looked down, trying to comprehend what he just heard. He just found out that our boyfriends are cheating on us with eachother, he must have a lot to think about. I stand there facing the ground, just waiting for the door to open, when I hear sniffling beside me.

Shocked, I turn to look at the market of the sound. There I saw another scene I thought I would never see. Katsuki Bakugo, was next to me, crying. I just stand there trying to think of what I should do. I can't exactly hug him to make him feel better, he would like me. I start to panic. Then the lift does open.

It's the top floor, meaning it was the one Bakugo wanted, since his dorm was on this for. I stand there waiting for Bakugo to leave the tiny room, when a hand is wrapped around my waist. I look down at my arm, to see that he had grabbed it. Then he pulled me. I stumble out the lift, and am being dragged across the hallway.

He stops in front of his dorm door, and fishes for his key in his pocket. When he does eventually get his door open, he drags me into the room. He lets go of my wrist, and locks the door again. He turns around, and just sits on his bed. His head stops, and he pulls his hands in front of his face. Then a deep from his face falls to the floor.

A now familia sound leaves his mouth, as he buries his head into his hands. Seeing all this unfold made me forget that I had tears falling from my eyes as well. I just stand in the middle of his room, awkwardly crying with him.

Without speaking a word, he pulls his face from the palms of his hands. He looks at me with red rimmed eyes, and flushed cheeks. He stands up from his bed, and walls towards me. I stand there, kind of scared of what he was about to do. Without a warning, he wraps his arms around me, and cries into my shoulder. The shock soon wears off, and I middle his actions, crying into his chest.

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