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Special Taekook


Jeon Taehyung the CEO of an art company Jeon Jungkook the CEO of a clothing line company past lover with a terrible history but when these two suddenly clash absolute hell breaks outs

Drama / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Third person perspective

7:54 am


The alarm blaring echoed through the room

Taehyung: Ughh morning already?? Geez I really need to stop staying up all night, it’s ruining my sleep schedule!

He muttered to himself

Taehyung didn’t necessarily have to wake up this early for work as he was the CEO of his own company; Studio Magic Inc.

He could wake-up whenever he felt like it, but unlike many CEO's around the world Taehyung actually wanted to work hard he loved his job as an artist because he got to express himself and speak to people through art.

Taehyung sat up from the bed slowly shuffling to his home art studio

*10 minute time skip*

Taehyung has just received a call from his Financial Secretary about a very important offer from a certain company

Taehyung: So which company is this?

Jung Hae-in: Well it's from Jeon Trade Inc.

*Dead Silence*

Taehyung: What the actual fuck

Haha so how was it? first time writing on Inkitt please leave some suggestions or request for the story thanks :)

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