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The Chronicles Of Azeroth


Where magic, demons, wars, and adventures exists. It confronts two sites: light and dark, on the planet Azeroth, so much success has happened that defined their existence. Like the invasion on Naxxramas, Kil'jaeden, The Lich King, Deathwing, The Shaars and for last Archimonde. Now, human beings from planet Earth, you'll know a fantastic adventure about a group of heroes who lived those events…this is their chronicles. A alternative history of World of Warcraft since Vanilla times. Where Gabriel, a paladín with a fate to search his origins and protect the world of Azeroth with the help of his friends. There will be adventure to comedy, love to drama, discussions to epic battles! I hope that who read this, will enjoy it like i did it on writing it :D

Adventure / Drama
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This Prologue used a base from the chapter XXVI of the novel Beyond the Dark Portal

Second War
Hellfire Peninsula
Eight Years after the First War (year 600 by the King´s Calendar)

The scene around the Dark Portal was utter chaos. Turalyon had told his troops the unvarnished truth: Khadgar would need defending. He just hadn’t realized how much he and his friends would be defending the wizard. Danath, Khadgar, Kurdran, and several others had arrived before them and were fiercely fighting their way to the portal.
From the offensive group there someone where highlights, the men use the armour of the footmen and the woman use the white robes of the cleric with a tabard showing where they from:

Lieutenant Farax Lionheart, human, 24 years old warrior with brown ponytail hair, green eyes, armed with a big red axe and the Stromgarde tabard.

Lieutenant Victorius Eagleheart, human, 25 years old paladin with black medium hair, black eyes, armed with a elven sword named on the common language Eagleheart (is pretty strange in this times to see paladins use other weapons than a hammer, but in his case, this sword has a light potential and the same model of the Great sword of the Sin’dorei) and the Stormwind tabard.

Lieutenant Thorvald Verigan, dwarf, 125 years old paladin with short red hair and two tails beard, green eyes, armed with a hammer named Verigan’s fist and the Ironforge tabard.

Major Alistair Lionheart, human, 64 years old paladin with white long hair and padlock beard, sky-blue eyes, armed with a great sword named on the common language Lionheart (same case of Eagleheart and has the same model of the Grand Marshal Claymore) and the Stormgarde tabard.

Sergeant Angela Altaria, human, 23 years old priest with long blonde hair, blue eyes, armed with a mace and the book of light from Stormwind and the Stormwind tabard.

Sergeant Isabelle Knightley, human, 22 years old priest with a semi-long brown hair, light green eyes, armed with a mace and the book of light from Ironforge and the Lordaeron tabard.

They are part from the events of the Alliance Expedition on Draenor, after they went into Auchindoun, the draenei priest keeper Neemuran send with them a Vindicator named Matheredor (Bluedragon on common language) a navy blue draenei with long blue hair, four semi-long tentacles like a beard, armed with a sky-blue gemmed hammer named on common language Celestial Wrath and a silver shining armour.

It seemed the orcs had rallied. Ner’zhul abrupt departure had stranded several clans on Draenor, and all of them had realized the same thing: the Dark Portal was the only stable rift, and the only one that led to a world they knew was hospitable. Nor was the battle just on Draenor. One was raging on the other side of the portal as well, it would seem that once again, the orcs had wrested control of the portal from the Alliance. They were trying to push their way through the portal and back into Draenor, unaware of the cataclysm gripping their homeworld. The Alliance forces there were holding them at bay for the moment, but Turalyon could expect no aid. He and this handful were all that stood between the Horde and Azeroth. But they weren’t here to win a battle, he reminded himself. That was entirely secondary right now. Their goal was simply: protect Khadgar and the other magi while they closed the portal once and for all.

“Do what you’ve to do”, Khadgar said, who stood nearby, the other magi clustered around him.
“Don’t worry from the orcs”, the old paladin said, “we’ll protect you at any cost”.
“For Azeroth and Khaz Modan!”, Thorvald yelled.

The young-old archmage nodded and raised his hands, letting his eyes close. His staff was in one hand, the Skull of Gul’dan in the other, and he began to chant, energies coalescing and swirling around him. The orcs outnumbered them by a significant margin, and were fighting in a frenzy, desperate to escape their collapsing world by any means necessary. The ground was trembling so violently warriors could barely keep their feet, and the battle devolved into mere brawling asorcand human swung wildly at each other, unable to concentrate enough to attack more effectively. The sky split with lightning storms appearing and disappearing at blurring speeds, stars visible one instant and the sun the next. The planet was going mad. Between skirmishes some from the attack group caught glimpses of Khadgar. The other magi had joined in now. all of them outlined in radiance, and when he squinted Turalyon, Farax, Angela and Victorius could just see the trails of energy they were pouring into Khadgar, who stood at their center. All knew he was absorbing all that magic, so that he could focus it upon the portal and destroy it for good. Just as Khadgar’s chanting reached a fever pitch. Everyone heard a strange ripping sound, sharp but somehow faint as well, as if it had occurred both nearby and very far away. They heard something similar atop the Black Temple, and after dispatching some another orcs glanced around and saw a strange shimmer in the air not far from them, a short ways behind the magi.

A new rift!. The earth shook beneath his feet and on pure gut instinct all the people where near from the rift leaped backward. A fissure opened where they been standing just a second before, widening like a hungry mouth. Cracks raced around jaggedly and then suddenly an enormous chunk of earth surged upward, carrying with it a small cluster of men and orcs, bucking them off like an unbroken steed as it turned wildly in midair.

“Another rift?”, Farax asked after slashed a grunt.
“Maybe we can use it”, Angela said while heal a fallen knight, “if something happens”.
“I don’t like that”, Isabelle doubted, “it could be a bad idea”.
“When the time comes”, Victorius affirmed, “there will be no other choice”.
“Hold on”, Bluedragon alerted, “you sense this dark power?”.
“It’s from that rift”, Thorvald said pointing to the portal.
“Be ready for anything!”, Turalyon yelled while prepare his hammer.

Khadgar hadn’t exaggerated. Draenor quite literally was physically tearing itself to pieces. Everyone was still staring at the floating hunk of earth when Khadgar raised his staff high and a beam of light shot from it to strike the Dark Portal in its center. The light was too bright to look upon, but unlike the Holy Light this was many colors all at once, swirling and dancing and shifting. It was pure magic wrought into a powerful spell, and when it struck the whirling surface of the portal…
But the beam is reflect by a strong barrier and disappear on the void, everyone looked and with a big concern they feel like all the work was in vain.

“It’s can’t be happening”, Isabelle collapsed to her knees.
“No way!”, Farax exclaimed.
“Oh no”, Alleria whispered.
“Khadgar!”, Turalyon yelled, “you can do it once again?!”.
“Yes, but is strange”, Khadgar answered while sense the dark power that Bluedragon noticed before, “someone just created that barrier”.

Everyone thinked in the draenei warning

“Bluedragon was right”, Alistair said, “a dark and demonic power comes from the rift”.
You will not interrupt our plans”, a dark and deep voice echoed from the rift, “</i>insignificants worthless mortals</i>!”.

The rift send out black and green lightning, it sounds like someone forced to break crystals. Suddenly a pair of claws push the rift and it grow like the height of 2.6 meters. Humans and orcs is affected to see the demon getting out from the rift. The strange monster have a pair of horn like a hell devil, whole black eyes absence of iris, red fangs like small daggers, his hands are strong and big with large claws like swords, his back have big wings like a dragon, equip with a strange black shining armour. When he land on the stone floor, it burns with black particles.

Oh no”, Bluedragon complained on his mind, “no them, no now!”.
“By the light!”, Victorius whispered.
“What the hell are you?!”, Farax demanded the identify of the new threat.

The demon flexes his arm in a form of v and push the muscle of his hand.

“I am a Nathrezim”, the demon answered, “dreadlord on your speech”
“A dreadlord?”, Isabelle asked with a little fear.
“I come to avoid your escape”, the strange demon teased, “and secure the dark portal is still operational”.
“We’ll destroy it”, Turaylon said without question, “filth demon”.
“And wreck your misdemeanour”, Angela secured.
“Ner’zhul summoned you?”, Thorvald asked.
“Ner’zhul?”, the demon asked with a mock, “he is just a little pet with a ignorance of his fate when he traverse that rift on the Black Temple”.
“How you know that?”, Alleria asked while she target her arrow to the head of the dreadlord.
“He is bound with our Lord Kil’jaeden”, the demon said while flexes his arm indicating to the horizon, “we can see what he see, and when i ended with all of you, we’ll conquer your world!”
“I’ll don’t leave you to do the same thing you done on our homeworld!”, Bluedragon yelled while fisting his gemmed hammer, “not on my watch!”.

Everyone prepares to attack him, but he has others plans. Does a little jump and fly to the two forces, his attacks with a fast, and relentless claws massacres every men and orc. His claws are perfectly like a glove blade and are paint with red and dark red blood. The two forces try to fall back from this menace, but they fail. Extend one palm from a hand and summon shadows like voidwalkers.

“I’ll let you play with these shades”, the demon said with evil laugh, “I’m get tired to play with trashes like you”.

Look to his primary target at the back of the defence line. Khadgar try to move away, because his recent spell required a lot of his mana and the magic still be collected on his hands. Fly again forward to the group, Thorvald is the first wall, attempt to smash him with the hammer on holy light, but he dodge and launch a Mind Blast throwing the dwarf a pair meters away.

“Thorvald!”, Victorius yelled while see his friend hurt.

Danath charge with his sword and shield, he doesn’t move and on the last second move his hand on the air and send a black shockwave, Danath can’t dodge and suffer the impact, his shield is broken and fall.

“Danath!”, Turaylon yelled while see his lieutenant defeated so easily.

Continue his advance, Alleria shoot a rain of arrows, but he is faster and the arrows arrive to the floor. On a blink of an eye, aim with one claw to the Alleria’s quiver and sound a spark, the rest of her arrows fly to a pair of meters and send back like a volley. But the arrows don’t hit the target, a yellow shield protects her, Turalyon has saved her life. He saw that and change the course to the General of the Alliance, suddenly a bolt of lightning shock on the back, is Kurdran with Sky’rec flying to him. Stand on a moment and a green aura materializes on his body.

“Watch out!”, Angela yelled in a warning for the dwarf.

Gather a ball of green energy and release it with the palm, the ball transform into a Carrion swarm, the pair feel the curse and fall to the ground. Continue his advance once again and is the turn of Victorius’s attack, the paladin fill his sword with holy light and stand waiting him like a stone. He doesn’t worried of him, with the right hand open his palm and quickly touch the chest of the paladin, it send a beam of green waves and suddenly, the paladin fall on a deep sleep.

“We are getting a trouncing!”, Farax said with fury.

Next to defend is the warrior, charge with all be and move back his great axe.


Spins around like a hurricane, look for moment and when is about to collide, grab the axe, for the attack speed, Farax fall to the ground like a rock and the demon send back the axe like a lance, but is deflected by a Holy lance by Angela.

Silence!”, the demon demanded turning his eyes in red for a second.

The pair of clerics begin to suffer and screaming pain, with a heavy gravity fall to the floor. And finally, reach front to Turalyon.

“Prepare to be exorcismed”, Turalyon said without fear.

The paladin does a glance with holy eyes, from his hammer release a beam of light, suffer the hit and retreat a pair of feets. The beam burns his armor, was a centimeter to pierce his chest.

“You, damn paladin!”, the demon said with anger, “suffer with a Finger of death”.

With a one claw shoot a powerful red lightning, Turalyon defend with his hammer and try to shield it with light. They stand for a few seconds.

“Fall already!”, the demon demanded.

And with a great surprise, Turalyon fall to the ground with the hammer shatter in pieces

“No!, Turaylon!”, Alleria cried.

She run to him, tries to stand up, but the spell was so strong and fall once again.

“Don’t Alleria!”, Turalyon yelled while extended his hand with a sign of stop, “stay where you’re!”.

Knowing can’t do a lot of damage without her arrows, unsheathe a pair of daggers, turn around and charge to the demon. Victorius awake just in time and charge too, but he await them, when they are closer, launch a two Shadow shocks. The pair suffers and fall.

“Two left”, the demon said with confidence, “and now, where are they?”.

Suddenly, Alistair and Bluedragon on the same time attacks the dreadlord successing with their holy charge, part of the armor breaks on one arm and feet, he step away from them.

“Whoever you are”, Alistair said while aim with Lionheart to the demon, “we’ll don’t allow the victory of the darkness”.
“The judgement of Argus will erase your existance”, Bluedragon affirmed.
“Ha!, so naive”, the demon said, “prepare to meet your nemesis!”.

Extend his right arm with all the tighten muscles up to the claws, a black aura appear with the shape like a bastard sword. It Vanish is objectify like a huge runeblade, black runes flashes on the edges, and has teeth’s like a saw.

“Because i’m Slayfer, The Nemesis!”, Slayfer said with fury.

When he grab the runeblade, a black aura appear around him granting more power, all the dark energy is gathering on the sword, fly once again, charge to the paladins and clash their weapons. The power of holy light has the same level of Slayfer’s darkness, they distance and clash once again, sounds of steel and crystals getting hit invade the place over for a moment. In the meantime, Khadgar prepare the spell once again.

“I’ll don’t allow that”, Slayfer said while sense the mage.

Distance from the paladins and charge to the archmage, but Alistair bump into his way.

“You’re fighting with us”, Alistair said slashing with his greatsword.

Parry the attack, but suffer the Celestial Wrath’s hit, jump to make distance in some feets.

“It’s time to end this game!”, Slayfer said with anger.

Do a impale with the runeblade to the stoneway, break them into pieces and the blade send out dark light on the clefts, the same black aura from earlier cover all his body and his voice turn more deeper and darker.

Avoid the birth and shatter the light”, Slayfer exclaimed, “Daybreaker!”.

It causes an earthquake, the paladins help the others to stand up and move them to a safe place. When the earthquake ended, the runeblade cover up in a dark light, it turn off and the runeblade grows with the form of a cone of destruction, with the same border but more sharp, hilt with a skull of a demon and all the blade turn black like done in obsidian.
Alistair thought for a moment, touch his great sword, a light emit from it, and merge with the holy light of his owns.

“Father, what are you doing?”, Farax asked once stand up.
“The better i can do right now”, Alistair answered with a extended arm like want to grab his son. “to protect all is good from menace like him”.

Lionheart like the transformation of the Daybreaker, cover up in light, but instead on grow it shrink to a short sword used by footmens. The old paladin walk to Farax and deliver to his son.

“Sorry for fail to be a paladin like you”, Farax said while receive the sword. Known what will be happen, their eyes turn sad on the sight on his father, “I’ll miss you father”.
“I’ll miss you too my son”, Alistair said touching the right shoulder of the warrior, “take care of your family and keep the sword save on a right place”.

It feel a earthquake and a lightning bolt of power from the dreadlord.

“Are just finished your farewell?”, Slayfer said with impatience while end to transfer his dark energy to the runeblade.

The old paladin extend his arm and open the palm, the fusioned light focus on a one point. Slayfer arise up a eyebrow.

Holy prism!

From his palm unleash a powerful light beam, Slayfer choose to don’t move and will try to parry it with the sword. The beam clash with the runeblade, hang in there on his place, but his body start to move by his own breaking the stone with his feet.

“Impossible!”, Slayfer yelled with surprise, “how a little spark can do this!?”.
“Is don’t just a spark”, Alistair said with determination, “this is the holy light trusted on our order to protect the ones we love”.

Suddenly, the old paladin expel more power, the light success to step aside the runeblade and hit on the Slayfer’s chest.

“NOOOOO”, Slayfer yelled with pain while is throwed to the rift where he came from.

It listen a heartbreaking scream on the void.

“He is still alive”, Alistair said looking the rest knowning this light will not be enough to defeat him, “Now you can save Azeroth, i’ll give you all the time i can”.
“Wait”, Angela said, “you can’t do this!“.
“He must do it girl”, Thorvald said looking to the shattered stoneway, “the paladin’s duty is secure the darkness must be defeated, even if we offer our lives on it”.

Everyone quiet while looks to Alistair like a goodbye signal.

“Good luck Alistair “, Turalyon said with honour, “you will be remembered for this sacrifice”.
“Light bless all of you”, Alistair said his last words while look with feeling to his son and Angela, ”please, guide my grandson“, thought for a last time.

With decision jump to the rift and on blink of a eye violently close. Everyone looks down with sadness from the fate he decided to choose, especially Farax looking the sword once armed by the old paladin.

Alistair…”, Khadgar thinked for a moment, “I’ll try it once again”, Khadgar said when all the paladins and the two clerics heals the wounds.

The archmage shoot again the spell from his staff to the dark portal and it heard a sound like shattering glass. Then the Dark Portal began to crumble, and close like a curtain, the energy splits and it listen rock fragments falling.

“It is done”, Khadgar said wearily, planting his staff against the ground and leaning heavily upon it with a large sigh.

Then he looked up and spotted one of Kurdran’s dwarves, a young Wildhammer who had just hurled his stormhammer at a hulking orc that had threatened Danath.

“You!“, Khadgar shouted, “Take these!“.

Keeps the skull of Gul’dan into his sack and thrust the unwield bundle at the surprised dwarf.

“Take it and fly back to Azeroth!, Khadgar yelled while some start to know his propuse, “this need to get to the Kirin Tor!”
“But sir”, the young dwarf said, “are you don’t coming through?”

Khadgar shook his white head.

“No, we’ve got to shut it down here”. Khadgar said with decision, “it’s the only way to make sure this damage won’t follow into Azeroth”.

And everyone inhaled swiftly, so there it was then. Khadgar had never been one to mince words and he’d just said blundy what they’d all suspected. Only this one dwarf would make it back. The rest of them would be stranded in a world that lurched closer to nothingness by the second. So be it. They saw the young Wildhammer hesitate, not sure how to respond, and then gasped as he saw the gleaming arc of a massive axe slicing directly toward the unwary dwarf But before Turalyon could shout a warning, a stormhammer flashed past, striking the axe wielder with a thunderclap that rang in his care, axe and orc a like fell to the ground.

“Go on, lad!“,Kurdran ordered, his stormhammer returning to his grasp as he wheeled Sky’rec alongside the surprised dwarf.
Farax thinks on a moment, looks on Angela and their thoughts thinked the same sentence.

For our son”.
“Hey!”, Farax said while throwed the sheathed sword of his father, “catch it!”, the dwarf badly grab it, “you must go to the Cathedral of light!”, Farax said, “give the sword to a member of the silver hand!”.
“Who exactly?”, the dwarf asked.
“To the archbishop Alonsus Faol”, Farax answered, “he know what to do”.

The younger dwarf nodded, leaning down to grab the sack from Khadgar and then nudging his gryphon with heel and knee and elbow. She responded at once, beating her wings hard and rising like a shot, then arrowing straight for the collapsing portal. But as she passed under its cracking arches, the sack flared with light, and the portal responded, the resulting glare blinding them all. They heard the gryphon shriek in pain, and the dwarf screamed as well, but he could not see what had happened to them. The terrible sounds were drowned out by a ferocious rumbling. Before he fully realized what had happened, there was a deafening crash and Khadgar was flying backward. He landed hard, blacking out for a second. When he came to an instant later, aching and barely able to breathe, he looked immediately toward the portal. It was gone. The giant statues that had guarded it had tumbled to unrecognizable boulders. The three pillars that had formed the gateway, that had contained the rift in glorious carved majesty, were now nothing but rubble. No sight of Azeroth remained. They had done it. They had destroyed the rift and the portal. And now, they were forever cut off from everything they had known. All around him. Horde and Alliance were staggering to their feet, only to feel Draenor buck beneath them again. The orcs took off, not understanding, as Khadgar did, that there was really nowhere for them to run. The portal’s collapse had apparently injured Draenor further, and the upheavals grew in intensity and frequency. They were constandy jarred and tossed about as if they were a small boat on an angry sea, the ground rippling like water and the sky thicker than fog.

"What an ignominious death”, Khadgar thought with a hint of wry amusement while a one chunk of earth bashed his head.

He looked around one last time at his friends: Danath and Farax still on their feets, fighting what orcs hadn’t fled. Alleria had fallen and Turalyon was helping her to her feet, quickly wrapping linen around a nasty gash on her arm. Victorius and Thorvald defend Isabelle from the trolls, Angela throws her holy lances, and Bluedragon heals with his holy light to the wounded. Perhaps feeling Khadgar’s gaze, Turalyon looked up. Their eyes met for a moment, and Turalyon smiled that calm, gentle smile that Khadgar associated with the paladin, Alleria glanced at the archmage as well, and nodded her head, the bright gold dimmed with dust and matted here and there with blood. Kurdran, still hovering on Sky’rcc raised a hammer in salute. And so it would end. Khadgar had always suspected they wouldn’t survive this, but he was fiercely grateful on Alistair to throw Slayfer on the rift and secured their defeat knowing he can´t return, they’d been able to close the portal and save their world. And he was equally grateful that if they had to die: which, he mused wryly, all men did. It would be here, together, fighting side by side as they always had. A faint glimmer caught his eye. He blinked. No, it was there: a ripple in the fabric of space and time. Another rift!, another world. One that, perhaps, wasn’t shuddering in its death throes our maybe there is no a dreadlord inside.

“There!“, He yelled as loudly as he could, pointing at the rift, “lets go through there!, it’s the only chance we’ve got!”.

The couples Turalyon and Alleria, Farax and Angela, Victorius and Isabelle looked at one another. Khadgar couldn’t hear what they said over the deafening noises of a world shaking itself to pieces, but he saw them hold each other for a moment before, hands joined, they turned to the rift.They had all ventured forth through the Dark Portal into Draenor, but at least they’d had a vague idea of what they would find. But this...Draenor’s death throes continued, and Khadgar hit the earth hard. Scrambling to his feet, knees and palms scraped raw, he looked toward the rift.

Salvation, or a yet worse fate?”, He didn’t know.

None of them knew. They’d just have to find out...one way or the other. Turalyon, Alleria, Kurdran, Darath, Farax, Angela, Victorius, Isabelle, Thorvald, Bluedragon and for the last: Khadgar, archmage, old man, youth, swallowed hard, steeled himself, and ran through.

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