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The Bet Between Us


“So um...did I know you back then?” his voice ringed in Y/N’s ears, making her want to cry slightly but she managed to stay neutral. After all it really hurt to hear those words from your high school crush. Being still hung on her High School Crush, will Y/N finally move on from him? Or will she fall deeper for the man and continue her one sided affection.

Romance / Humor
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The Reunion

Y/N was walking back from the café where she worked at. It was a cold November evening, and the streets were quiet, making Y/N’s walk back home quite peaceful. Y/N was currently dressed in a warm and baggy white sweater with a cute and neat black pleated skirt, along with black stockings to keep her legs warm. Her hair were up in a messy bun, making her appearance pretty cute.

‘People like you always want back what they can’t have back, But I am past that and you know that, So you should turn back to your outback telling them trash..’ Y/N mumbled the lyrics of the song that was currently going on in her mind as she made her way back to the apartment that she recently moved in.

She hadn’t really had the privilege to meet her neighbors or anyone in the building really. After all it had only been like three days since she moved there. She had moved there as she wanted to be independent, besides the place was close to her university and just a five minute walk from her café.

Just then Y/N’s phone rang.

“Oh hey Lisa! What’s up?” Y/N asked.

“Hey Y/N!!! Nothing much girl, I am just heading out of town with Jungkook for the night, just wanted to tell you that just incase you were planning to come over,” Lisa replied.

“Oh cool! Yall have fun! And don’t worry, if I will need anything I will text you,” Y/N said with a smile.

“Alright then! See you tomorrow at work Y/N!” Lisa spoke as Y/N nodded and said her goodbyes.

Lisa and Jungkook were Y/N’s best friends since High School. Later on, both Lisa and Jungkook started going out, and Y/N shipped it. Besides..they weren’t the only ones who had a crush back in high school. Y/N let out a sigh and started walking up ahead before she would get lost in thought again.

Not later than that it started raining and Y/N sprinted up to her building to prevent herself from getting wet by the rain water. Just as she was running up, she bumped into someone and fell back.


Y/N groaned as she felt her skirt getting wet and stood up, looking down at her skirt.

“WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GO-” Y/N started but stopped once she saw who was standing in front of her.

“....Taehyung..?” Y/N mumbled his name, instantly recognizing the male who was standing in front of her.

A few seconds passed since she had asked that. Y/N soon snapped out of her thoughts and looked up at him.

“Um..I guess you wouldn’t remember me anyway..uhm..we were in the same high school,” She explained as he just stayed quiet and studied her petite body.

“I see..I apologize for not recognizing you...um?” He paused, clearly not knowing her name.

“Y/N...L/N Y/N,” she spoke it out for him.

“Ah..well I guess you must know me already then. I am Taehyung...Kim Taehyung,” he spoke neutrally as Y/N nodded.

“ So um...did I know you back then?” his voice ringed in Y/N’s ears, making her want to cry slightly but she managed to stay neutral. After all it really hurt to hear those words from your high school crush.

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