******WARNING****** Mature content!!! He was meant to feel the pain, the misery! When we think of Lucifer, The Satan, we think of a guy who'd be handsome as hell, yes maybe he is! We think he'd forgive people for his favs, but does he really have any favs? and if he does, does he know how to favour them? We think of him as a Merciless, Ruthless King of Hell, well yes he indeed is! But not to forget. HE'S CALLED FALLEN ANGEL FOR A REASON. HE WAS ONCE AN ANGEL. WAS EXPELLED FROM HEAVEN. THROWN SOMEWHERE HE CALL HIS HOME, HIS HELL! REASON? NOTHING! JUST HIM BEING GREEDY OR WAS THERE SOMETHING MORE? ★----------★

Horror / Romance
Age Rating:


On the massive Mt. Hollasan range, lightening shook the Earth. All the realms in terror of who dared to anger the Devil, ‘they’ too feared HIM. The one who’s meant for the bad, for the sins, for the unfortune, the one who’d all three realms feared under his wrath.

Who’d dared to anger him to this extent that he’d lost his control after all those million years of being disregarded from the heaven.

The sky cried in mercy to let it slow down, but HE had some other think outs. Lightening in the dark sky shook the throne, made the angels look down in pity at the man who’d managed to get HIM this angry. What’d be his fate? The soil in the Earth started convulsing, like a dying human in the water, trying to swim but the tide is over the head.

The Heaven feared what’d happen to Earth if this continued any longer, but Devil couldn’t care less. He was angry, furious, deadly and he had his plans.

“You really think I’m gonna fall for that huh? I’m Lucifer, called Satan for a reason fucker, fooling around with the ruler of Hell? Let’s see how you’re gonna pay for your sins, shall we?” with that Taehyung or what he called himself, the Satan, took the man in his hand, to his home, his sweet yet not so sweet home, HELL.

The sky turned purple red, as earth couldn’t handle Lucifer’s wrath, He was meant to be in Hell, that’s what ‘they’ say. He opened the portal and jumped right into it with the guy in his hands struggling to keep up with his pace, “Let me go lord, I’m sorry! Have mercy!” He cried his heart out.

Lucifer chuckled,” Oh sweetie! Mercy pleas works on angels not devils, don’t even try. I was wondering, no actually I was a little upset for you, how come you came in my sight and how come you’d the audacity to stand me face to face, guess it has to be me who’ll punish you, but I’m in conflict of thoughts, should I go for the fencing rod or the glass one? Hey Jia! What do you think would hurt more?” He yelled to call Jia, his follower, she bowed and eyed the man standing there, “Fencing rod Master” she replied straight away.

Lucifer chuckled seeing the man struggling, ” I would’ve killed you on Earth but it’s no fun, first I’ll torture your human body. And when you’ll die, I’ll trap your soul here and it’ll be under my special supervision till I’m satisfied, it can last to hundreds, thousands or who knows millions of years? But one thing’s sure you ain’t dying peacefully.” He grinned, and took the fencing rod only to be inserted in the man’s mouth, now with shreds of blood flowing out, he tried screaming, pleading or anything but in vain, Lucifer increased the pressure, now it was probably touching his larynx.

Tears flowing down, hands in air trying to hold on to anything or anyone who could help him out, but everything in no avail, coz he was under Lucifer’s command and no one, ‘they’ say NO ONE dare to question Lucifer, he’s master of his own words and actions, absolutely hates to be interrupted. He swiftly took out the rod from his mouth, man wasn’t dead yet, that was the whole intention anyways. Lucifer caught the guy by his collar and made him stand up, held him with his hand around his throat, “Let’s pay a visit to our dear cook, what does he have for us today? It’s been long since we last had human flesh, must taste good since it’d be rotten alive, what’d you say Jia?” Lucifer made his way to his kitchen where all the poor souls were already being punished, burnt, tortured with iron sticks poking every part of their bodies and Jia just grinned in anticipation of how her Lord was so good in his work and followed him behind.


“Wow!! Lucifer fucking Morningstar, you’ve my heart!!! If only he existed for real-” I shrieked in excitement and Jungkook beside me eyed me with a disgusting look on his face.

“I wish he existed for real, so he could just take you to his place, and help me live in peace without you. You’re so annoying Nia” he threw the pillow on my face while I was still day dreaming how Lucifer would actually look like in real.

“Bet me Jungkook, he’d definitely be one fine piece. Huh?” I looked at him, he acted as if he’s about to puke.

If only he could understand my feelings. I really wanna see Lucifer for once, bet he’d be visiting Earth for his vacations or something. I mean this place isn’t thaaaaaat bad?

I layed on the sofa squeezing the pillow between my arms and chest, as I thought of all the scenarios I’d meet Lucifer one day.

“Fallen angel they say? Why Lucifer? What led you to be expelled out of heaven so harshly?” I muttered under my breath as I drifted off to sleep.

“OIIIIIIIIII” I jolted up in fear as someone had screamed right in my left ear, loud enough to make me question my hearing abilities.

I saw the most annoying creature, no not Satan, he’d still be a good guy. This is my little brother, Jungkook, annoying as fuck. Such a pain in the ass, make me wanna pray Satan to take him away.

“What the fuck Jungkook, what do you want?” I yelled on his face. He gave me a bored look, ” Leave the place, Kath is coming over” he pushed me away as I stumbled, almost on the verge of hitting my head on the glass table, “Kath? Who’s this now?” I eyed him.

“None of your concern little Nia, now get off of my way and go somewhere. I don’t wanna ruin my time with her, but your presence surely will so leave before I yeet you out, so you’d be flying, but funny part is, no one, I said no one, not even your Lucifer would come to save you lol, so leave in peace. ”

I showed him my middle finger while gathering my coat and leaving in process. He called me little not because I’m younger but because I’m short, I’m too shorty short, only 5′1. I know it’s embarrassing but what can I do? Mom and dad used to say how I got everything from her, my grandmother, she was 4′9 and I totally look like her, I’m glad I didn’t get her height, it’d be too humiliating.

Sorry not sorry grandma. I love you, you know that.

She once had narrated a story of her meeting Lucifer, Jungkook had laughed on her the whole night but I was too engrossed in her stories to even think about anything else. That’s where I picked my favouritism in Lucifer.

I think he’d be a good guy in person, coz maybe not anymore, but once, he was an angel too.

Waiting for the day I meet you Lucifer!

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