"You'll fall for me, then don't blame me, Jenna as I'll be long gone by then." ***************** "Help me distinguish the reality, please. I beg you." she cried. ***************** "I love you, but in my own crazy way." **************** "I thought I was the crazy one, but you're crazier."

Mystery / Romance
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“Dr. Jenna” professor called my name and I made my way to him smiling widely.

“Your case is in there, be careful,” he said patting my shoulders, I grinned and opened the door to enter.

It was a white room, with a table set just in the middle of the room, there kept two chairs, one empty, of course for me and other, well..there sat a man with his back towards me.

He turned and I swear to god my heart skipped a beat.

I sat on the chair in front of him and took out his case file, I opened it and looked at him again.

“You haven’t aged even a bit” I smiled, he reciprocated with a huge grin, “Is it a compliment my new mentor?”

“Good choice of words, I see,” I said as I flipped the pages of his detailed folder.

“You know what happened to the last one?” he asked cocking up an eyebrow, I looked up from the folder to see him staring down my body.

“I totally see what you’re doing, and yes I’m fully aware of your history with several psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists even, you’re quite an interesting case I got here.”

“Interesting? You’ll see that soon too.” he chuckled.

“Threatening, are we?” I smiled as I flipped to the page I was eagerly finding.

“Here it is” I breathed out and he peeked to the paper half standing and chuckled while sitting back down.

“But wait I’m curious what happened to Ms. Nella, mind telling me where she is now?” he made a face that could make you weak just by staring a second longer.

“Well, you’d know better what actually happened to her, isn’t it?” I cocked up an eyebrow.

He gave a devilish grin leaning forward, “I’m quite a heart throb, you see”

A smile made it’s way to my face, coz of the way he said that.

This is indeed an interesting case!

“She fell for me and about me, well, I’m just not into girls, not that by this I mean I’m into boys or something” He paused sighing deeply, “It’s just complicated”

“Well, I’m here for just that” I smiled, he didn’t reciprocate this time. I took it as an indication to move further.

“So you were arrested when you were 17 and you’re 26 right now, 9 long years, isn’t it too much of a time span, don’t you wanna go out now?” I asked enthusiastically.

He made a rather bored face, “No”

I choked on my spit and started coughing, well it wasn’t something new when you deal with patients like him but it was the way he said that.

“I’m amused because all the patients I’ve come across had always wanted to escape, you really are interesting.” he just titled his head to the side with a smirk on his face.

“Let’s start with your case history, shall we? I looked up at him but he didn’t look any bothered by my question so I just continued.

“You’d murdered 7 people when you were just a minor, only 17 and-” he cut me off “5” he said now looking in my eyes, “well, the report says 7 so I’d rather go with the facts I guess” he tilted his head down again, like before.

“Let’s start with the most brutal one,” I said as I glanced his way to see his reaction, he’d his fists balled by now.

Just the reaction I want.

“Your brother, Hunji. Quite a brutal death, I must say.” I was looking at him every second in order to see his reactions.

“Stabbed in the stomach to death while knife went all the way up to the neck, you weren’t satisfied so cut slit his throat horizontally too after already been cut vertically, you didn’t stop there and took out one of his eyes and there.” I paused to see his reaction, and then continued nevertheless, “Surprisingly you stopped just there, what stopped you quite amuses me, as I suppose someone saw you doing all this? Or you just got bored and thought of moving on to the next victim of your wrath huh?” I finished and by the end his body had started showing symptoms, him rubbing his palms then his forehead which was covered by sweat now, momentarily fiddling through his hair then hitting his legs against the table.

“Moving to the next one, now I really feel bad for this coz this girl was only 14 and over that she was your own little sister Ms. Yoonji” I sighed deeply while looking up at him with a smile plastered on my face, as the way we were taught to have one while talking to our patients, it just didn’t fit the situation but what else could I do? It’s just how you handle patients here.

“So she was dragged all the way up to the stairs by her long hair, and then was threw off the apartment building, quite a normal death I’d say. ”

His lips twitched and his eyes started moving left to right every microsecond.

“Then comes another girl, who was your ‘to be girlfriend’ but unfortunately faced your wrath” I again looked up to see him, now his eyes closed as if he was contemplating or remembering his moments with her.

“So this girl who’s name’s same as mine, quite an entertaining fact I see here” I looked up at him smiling widely, and this time he finally looked at me in the eyes.

“So this girl was supposedly found in a dreadful kind of situation, pity tch” I looked over to him, his eyes closed again.

“So the girl was found in a water tank, and it was on your roof, she was brutally raped to death with all her insides destroyed viciously, she had 2 condoms in her vagina only indicating either her being raped by two men or by you who used two of them to distract the investigation, her anus was bleeding indicating forced an unwanted invasion, which made her lose every little strength in her and then choking her to death, now the suspects were 3 boys, who too lived in your apartment but you killed those too, so maybe you didn’t do anything to that girl, but you were the suspect so, in the end, you are to be blamed for her brutal death.” I breathed out heavily, he hadn’t said a word since I’d started nd he still seems to remain quiet till I finish sying this bullshit.

“The next three on the list are the boys who were suspected, they all were killed being thrown off your apartment like your little sister.”

“Now” I sighed deeply, loud, indeed very loud.

He looked up and stared.


And stared.

“The last and the most important in the list here, comes” I paused for the hundredth time today.

“Your mother” I smiled.

More like forced one.

He closed his eyes, “I regret nothing.”

“Oh I’ll see that in Mr. Min Yoongi, and I’ll make sure you go through all of it again, you gotta realise what you’ve done.” I smiled widely while standing up.

“Enough for today I guess, but it’s just for the day as I’ll be shifting here tomorrow, you’ll see me around. Often.”

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