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You and Taehyung were best friends since kindergarten you always had a big crush on him but you didn't tell him because you were scared that this might ruin your friendship with him...but everything changed when he became your neighbour. This fan fiction is rated 18+ so if you feel uncomfortable with sexual ideas about any of the bts members then, don't read it...😉

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Today wasn't an ordinary day for you because you'll get to know your new neighbour, you were nervous to see who they were and curious to see what they look like. The moving truck just arrived. You peeked through the window to see your new neighbours but you couldn't see anyone, all you could see was furniture.

Wait that furniture looks familiar. You thought to yourself, still peeking through your window.

You must be me imagining things. Your thoughts were interrupted by your mom yelling your name.


you sighed yelling back "I'M COMING!"you got down the stairs slowly dragging your feet. You were shocked when you saw the person that was standing by the front doorframe and talking with your mom. It was Taehyung your best friend, you two knew each other since kindergarten.

surprised you walked closer to him. "Tae!? What are you doing here?"

"I'm your new neighbour!" He winked at you and smirked softly.

"Why didn't you tell me?" You said crossing your arms and looking back at him with a slight pout.

"Well, my mom decided that she wanted to move when she found the house and told me about I really wanted to surprise you."

You smiled and giggled. "Oh well, that's great. Thank you for surprising me it's a nice surprise. We'll see each other more often now."

"Yeah." He said winking at you and closing the door behind him.

You scrunched your nose looking at him suspiciously, what was up with him today. Tae was never the type to be really flirty, so the winking was throwing you off.

Your mom who was friend with Tae's mom innocently invited them over for dinner. Taehyung accepted, of course, he always enjoyed eating over at your house claiming your mom's cooking was better than his.

"You guys should do a sleepover like you used to do all the time." Your mom offered, smiling at both of us.

"Of course, that would be a great idea. Y/N what do you think about that?" Tae said with a huge smirk plastered on his face. Feeling yourself getting redder, you couldn't bring yourself to let any sound out of your mouth so you only nodded.

Your mom and Tae talked a little bit before saying goodbyes, she reminded him to bring his mom, of course, he laughed at your mom's reminder and showed his beautiful boxy smile.

He walked close to you to give you a warm, tight hug he placed his face right beside your ear, you could feel his hot breath on your skin making your body tense up and warm. He softly whispered in your ear placing a lock of hair behind it "See you later, Kitten."

You froze at his words, he looked at you giggling at your reaction. He placed a quick gentle kiss on your cheek and made his way out of your house, turning back he waved at you walking home.


It was almost dinner so you decided to put on some light makeup and a cute tight dress. When you were done getting ready you heard the doorbell, rushing downstairs and almost falling in the process, you opened the door.

What you saw made your mouth water, the sight of Tae in a beautiful black suit, he giggled making you snap out of your trance.
You apologized shily welcoming them inside. You smiled brightly at Miss. Kim and hugged her tightly.

You looked back at Tae who didn't seem to have brought anything for the sleepover. "Did you bring all your stuff for the sleepover?" He only nodded looking away, strangely shy.

Your mom excitedly told you that she was going to the club after dinner with Miss. Kim, purposely accentuating the fact that you shouldn't do anything stupid while she wasn't there.
You agreed, laughing awkwardly.

Taking your seat at the table next to Tae, your moms were in front of you two. Tae put his hand on your thigh and squeezed it, making you jump a bit at his sudden move, not wanting your mom and his mon to find you stayed quiet.

He began moving upward placing his hand on your inner thigh near your core. You glared at a smirking and satisfied Tae. He slightly pushed your panties aside slowly touching your clitoris in circular movements, you tried to move a bit to make him understand you weren't comfortable in front of your moms.

He didn't budge, not even the slightest his hand from your pussy, he only continued the same circular movement who was soon going to make you go crazy. You tried not to moan by bitting your lips, fortunately, your moms were finished with dinner.

Worried your mom asked why you weren't eating, as usual, you simply replied that you weren't hungry right now but that would eat later so she wouldn't worry

"Oh okay, we'll see you two tomorrow..!" Her words made your eyes widened at their widest, you couldn't believe you'd really have to spend all night alone with him. Your mom kissed your cheek and walked towards her friend's car. When you saw them leave the parking you closed the front door and locked it, sighing you turned around just to be inches away from Tae's face.

He slowly brings himself closer to you feeling his hot breath on your lips he leaned in so that his lips were touching yours. You closed your eyes kissing him back softly. He deepened the kiss sliding his tongue inside your mouth and you did the same, you both were fighting for dominance.

He smirked lifting you making your thighs go around his waist, you gently placed your arms around his neck still kissing him deeply, he walked up the stairs with you in his embrace and went into your room.








Edited on Nov.17.2020

I hope you like this chapter don't forget to vote and leave a comment, I really appreciate all your comments. I'm currently editing all my older chapters because I wasn't happy with the outcome. I was 14-15 when I wrote that, now I'm turning 18 in a couple of months. I really hope you enjoy my story!

I purple you guys :3
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