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Living Dead | K.SJ

Chapter 2

“MR. MIN, WHAT is it?” Esther asked only to have her voice drowned by a sudden shrill that broke out in the courtyard.

Lashing out of her seat, she made her way towards the window, next to Yoongi who had doubled over. Covering his mouth with the cradle of his palm due to the amount of bile that began to build up and threatened to spill.

Esther touched his shoulder delicately. Keeping an eye out the window, at the scene that played out. A couple brave students had managed to tear the two apart while others ran away or watched from afar.

The History professor could be seen stalking his way over towards them, shouting incoherent words at the girl who struggled against the hold of the others. The victimized female laid unconscious on her side, not budging at the loud shouting.

Esther couldn’t help but let out a low sigh at the sight of two more teachers appearing to help control the scene. One of the male professor who had came first began to glare at the violent girl, yelling about her unusual behavior.

She frowned, ‘unusual behavior’? That was when she finally caught a glimpse of the red substance which coated her lips and ran down her neck.

“What in the world...” The words escaped from her coral lips. “Y-yoongi, how do you feel?”

Yoongi could only respond with forced hums and words which were muffled by his palm. Adding more pressure against his lips as if it would somehow help. She grunted, knowing all too well how sick it made Yoongi feel at the sight of blood.

A loud commotion erupted once again, causing her to snap her head outside. Her fingers that was clutching onto his shoulders began to tremble at the sight of the Professor sprawled on the ground, the blood spilling out from his neck.

“But w-wasn’t she...?”

Indeed, even with the wound on her chest the young female had woken up and was currently devouring him. She needed to help them, to stop this madness that was happening right in front of her eyes.

Twisting around, Esther had just taken the first step of her sprint but was unexpectedly jerked backwards. She stared at the male’s hand which had encircled her wrist, clenching on tightly.

“It’s dangerous,” He stated out the obvious, his voice a mere whisper under the destruction which happened outside. He pushed himself up, balancing with his wobbling legs without breaking eye contact at the flesh eating humans. “I-I heard something like this on the news... I just, didn’t think much about it because it seemed hilarious b-but...”

Esther’s eyes raked over Yoongi’s rarely disturbed form. “We have to do something.”

He gives her a curt nod of his head, turning around and making his way towards the exit of the lecture hall. His hand still curled around her wrist as he tugs her along with him.

They both jogged their way to the teacher’s quarters, in hopes of find a teacher who knows anything about the happenings. Passing several confused looking students and most of them oblivious to the stuff happening outside.

Yoongi’s free hand gripped the cold metal of door handle, twisting and pushing it forward. He burst instead, chest heaving with heavy pants as they scanned the empty area.

“No one’s here...” He panted out. “What now?”

Esther nibbled on her bottom lip in concentration, they needed to do something about the situation before it gets worse. Pulling her hand out of Yoongi’s grasp, she reached for her phone and called the emergency cell.

Calling the police was their only choice, now. Unless they wanted to be food to those... Creatures.

“Yes, officer, yeah,” Esther nodded her head even though the make on the line couldn’t see her. “Please, make it fast.”

She removed the device from her ear and cut the call, her ears instantly perking up at the sickening silence which lingered in the atmosphere. She met Yoongi’s shaky eyes, mixed emotions swirling around in his brown hues. Esther glanced at the window nearby and made her way towards it, her knees felt as if it would buckle any second.

She peeked outside, eyes instantly widening at the empty evergreen courtyard stained with red and some ripped clothing. She felt her throat beginning to close as her mouth went dry.

“Where did they go?!” Yoongi hissed out in frustration, as she came behind her. Scrunching up his face to prevent himself from throwing up again.

Esther was about to say something when screams erupted, this time louder, clearer, and definitely inside the building. They both sprinted their way out into the hallway, eyes watching as the many students ran into classrooms and around.

Those cannibals were inside the building now, this was bad. Without hesitation, Yoongi grabs Esther’s wrist. Tugging her towards a nearby empty classroom where he believed could keep them safe. But it seems the girl had different ideas as she struggled against him.

“No, what are you doing?” She questioned out, breaking out of his grip before running out into the hallway again to scan through the students. “These people need our help, we have to do something!”

“There's nothing we can do but wait until help arrives!” Yoongi argues, following behind her.

Esther refuses to listen to him, instead she begins to move her legs forward. Her walk turning into one of a sprint as she races towards the crowd.

“Get him off me!” A male’s voice yelled out in agony and that was enough to make her stumble in her steps to a halt.

Her eyes slammed open, wider as she witnessed students being thrown on the ground with bloodied bodies on top of them. There were more people infected now than before.

Yoongi jogged his way to her, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling Esther into the empty classroom he indicated before. He scrambled through his pockets before finding the keys to the classroom, he shoves it into the keyhole and locked it.

“Get some chairs.” Yoongi commanded, going to grab whatever was moveable and easy to push against the door.

Esther ran around the place, bringing over some chairs and safely stacking it against the door. The cries of the students came closer and louder, followed by vicious dog like growls.

Esther and Yoongi stood in front of their stacked objects by the door, the two not being able to move as they listened to everything. Esther couldn’t help the burning sensation in her eyes so she squinted, hoping those tears she dreaded to not appear.

She may have stated how she constantly hoped the world would end so that their forever repeating cycle would come to an end also, but not in a this way. She never wished for it in such a horrific way and deep inside, she felt terribly guilty for the countless lives that were being lost right outside this door.

She began coughing and choked out a sob. She lifted her hand, stuffing her face into the sleeve by her elbow as tears began to stream down her cheeks.

Why was this happening? Why were people acting like contagious cannibals?

“H-hey,” Yoongi’s hand grazed her flushed cheeks gently, his touch just as weak as the tone of his voice.

Banging against the door made the chairs to rattle and the both of them jumping back. Yoongi escorted her quickly towards the furthest end of the room, ducking behind a desk on the floor.

He pulled Esther’s shaking form towards him, wrapping his arms around her shoulders and waist. He felt his stomach clench with a different feeling as he took in her fragile state.

This was the first time he saw her cry, the first time she’s been such a mess in his arms and Yoongi didn’t know whether to feel relieved or scared. He knew the tough barrier she had around herself, and to see her like this now...

“What are they?!” She rasped out in question, against his chest. Her hands grasping fistfuls of his shirt in them as she edged closer to the male.

Yoongi brushed her hair and back, trying his best to sooth not only her but himself too. “I don’t know... And I don’t think I want to.” He replied grimly.


“Don’t hesitate to shoot the infected in the head, otherwise it’s you will be infected,” The captain of the squad commanded. “If any survivors are found, make sure they aren’t bitten before escorting them with you. Did I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir!”

Seokjin brought in his lips and moistened it, his gaze averting from the weapons they carried to the tinted windows of their van which made it’s way to their designated area.

Squad 92 was one of the few squads that were dispatched with only six members in places where the most reports had come in for help.

He still remembers how everything was turned upside down in just a day, from their normal routine of training to being thrown into a battlefield with reports of... Cannibals.

He swallowed, checking if he had loaded his gun when the van came to a slow halt. The door was pushed sideways, the night’s crisp air instantly invading the stuffed up van. They began to crawl out quietly, scanning the area as they split up but not far away where they couldn’t reach each other.

Seokjin had found a place in a bush, squatting on the ground as he raked his surroundings with his eyes. His gut twisted as an unsettling feeling formed within. The place was empty, no one being in sight at all, they definitely took refuge in the buildings perhaps.

But what earned that guy wrenching feeling was how it was quiet, no sounds of crickets, birds, any animals or anything.

Everything was too quiet.

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