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Isabel was reading yels fanfic. She was disappointed about the ending and decided to write her own fanfiction. She falls unconscious while writing her fanfiction. She then wakes up in a ramen shop where the navigators show gon and others to the Hunter exam. Once she recognizes she is in the world of Hunter x Hunter. She screams internally wondering how was this all possible. Follow this Isekai adventure in the world of Hunter x Hunter. Keep in mind in this story follows exactly in Togashi's plotline. The only difference here is that the reader is stuck in this fictional world for god knows how long and interacts with the characters. And maybe you get to interact with one of them really well.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

First POV

It was late Friday night at home, where I spent most of my time reading fan-fiction and watching anime. I’ve recently finished reading a Wattpad story from yelzlikesanime. It’s called Tragic Love (Hisoka x Reader). When I was reading the ending, I was disappointed that the Fic ended. Everything about that story was great. That’s all. If I keep talking about it, I would be just kissing yelz ass. But that’s not what I want to do.

What I wanted to do is write my fan-fiction. I think my infatuation for fictional characters is the root of my motivations to write fan-fictions. I was never interested in writing until now. Now that I’m writing, I have the inevitable writer’s block.

“ugh!” y/n shouted across the room. ” I don’t know how yelz does it,” y/n thought. ” I can’t write anything decent..” she groaned. In the state of frustration, y/n continues trying to write but fails eventually.

Once previously blank, the screen filled with random letters and numbers, y/n eyes started to feel heavy. She closed her eyes and dozed with her head, cradled on one arm as she slumped over the table.

With her eyes still closed, y/n body felt her weight shifted than she was before. It felt like she was in more of a sitting position instead of lying down. It felt like her head was against a wall. Then she started to pick up the smell of various food scents like fried eggs and spices. The aroma was so strong, y/n eyes shot up wide open. Within seconds she able to process her surroundings. In one glance, she saw the light illuminating from the ceiling shining down at her. People in gatherings were present at the scene. Waiters were serving food to people. She was sitting in a...Ramen shop?

“What the hell?!” she internally said in disbelief. “How did I even get in here?!′ she thought in a stunned state .“Wait a minute; why everything looks animated?” There was a moment of realization as she understood what was happening. “HOLY SHIT, I’m IN HUNTER HUNTER! MY DREAMS HAVE CAME TRUE!” she squealed internally.

Several seconds after accepting her new reality, y/n instinctively reaches down for her phone, but empty.

“Shit.,” she muttered quietly. “I wonder if my parents are worried about me,” she thought while biting her nails a bit.

“Welcome!” a voice called out.

“Is the back room open?”

Y/n snapped out of her thoughts to find the source of the noise. Her eyes widened again at the sight of the main protagonists. “Woah, their here. Yup, this is where they take the Hunter Exam.”

“What will you have?”

"I gotta say something!” y/n stiffed a bit.

“The steak combo that opens your eyes to light. For three”

“For three?” the chef’s said.

“How do you want em cooked?”

“Grilled slowly over a low flame till done, please,” The navigator answered.

“Got it, let yourselves in the backroom,” The chef replied. With that, the group walked over to the door. “I’ll introduce myself to them later.”

Once the group left, Y/n stood up from her seat and approached the chef.

“I will also have the Steak combo that will make me see the light special,” she said. The chef irked an eyebrow at her.

" I know I sound suspicious,”

" Wait here for a moment,”he said, leaving her waiting by the counter. Y/n looked around the shop again.

“Did I say anything wrong?..does he think I’m here for the Hunter exam? Please let me in.” her thoughts raced. As people entered and exited out of the restaurant, the chef returned.

“Come in,” he said, gesturing to the door. He opened the door for y/n, and she entered the room with the door closed behind her. In one glance, she saw the place nothing but a table with chairs surrounding it." The room should have an elevator that leads to Exam,” she thought, sitting down by the table. Suddenly the room started to shift down, causing a vibration to those inside.” Here we go,” she said, relieved. “Ok, my tag number should be 406, So maybe I can introduce myself to gon and then the others,” she contemplated. “Oh! Hisoka will be there, and Illumi, too!” she spoke with a grin on her face. ” Wait, can I even use nen? I’m definitely a conjurer or maybe a manipulator.“” Even if I did have nen, how am I going to control my aura?“. Y/n was so deep in thought that she was unaware that the room stopped moving. The walls in front opened, revealing stone walls.Y/n notices and leaves the room. Exiting out of the elevator, a small green figure approaches y/n with a tag numbered 406." So I was right, Beans so cute in person,” she quickly thought.

“Hello! Please take your number badge; thank you,” he said with a smile.

“uh, thanks.”

After that, he walked away, leaving y/n alone. The atmosphere here was INTENSE and awkward as she imagined it to be. Everyone kept their distance from each other but was still a big crowd.

A/n Social distancing at the Hunter Exam xD

“Hello!” A little boy appeared behind y/n.

“Oh! Shi-, Hi,” y/n blurted, stunned from the surprise. Her eyes widen as she notices two individuals behind him.

“GON MY CINNAMON ROLL, MAMAPIKA, Mr.LAYOREO!” y/n thought at the sight of the trio.

“I’m gon, this is Kurapika, and this is Leorio,”

“Ah, so sweet and full of energy. I don’t want you to change.”

" My name is y/n. Nice to meet you all,”

" Likewise,” Kurapika said.”

“Same here,” Leorio followed.

“Don’t think I’ve seen you guys before,” a familiar voice spoke out.

The group switched their attention to a fat man sitting on top of a beam.


" Oh, shit, it’s Tonpa,” y/n spoke quietly. “Huh, Did you say something y/n?” Gon asked. ” Oh, nothing.”

" I forgot he has good hearing.”

He then averts back his attention to Tonpa.

“You can tell it’s our first time here?”

“More or less,” he says as he drops down.

" Ugh, just watching him approaching near me disgusts me,” y/n sighs with her arms crossed.

“It gets easier. It’s my 35th attempt, so it comes with the territory,” Tonpa said, smiling.

“You’ve tried 35 times?!” the trio exclaimed.

“Hmm,” y/n said with her arm still crossed.

Tonpa looks at y/n keeps a fake smile towards her.

“Don’t give me that fake ass smile,” y/n eyebrows twitched a bit.

“I guess you could say I’m a Hunter exam veteran,” he said while smiling once more.

“Not really something you brag about...” Leorio commented.

“Indeed,” Kurapika agreed.

“Anyway, if you have any more questions, I’ll be happy to help.” He said to gon.

“Thanks a lot.”

“Oh, and by the way, my name is Tonpa.”

“Yeah, I know, blah blah, blah, I wish had a remote.”

Gon introduces himself and others, including myself. Tonpa went on about who were the veterans and who not to mess with. I stopped listening until I heard someone cry in pain. That’s when my heart started to accelerate more.

“aaargh! a man in a gladiator suit dropped down to his knees, overwhelmed with pain and disbelief. His hands disappeared into flower petals. That’s when I saw him.

“Damn, I’m such a fucking simp.”

Hi there, I’m cautionworks. This story can be found in archive of our own and Wattpad.

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