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Ilvermorny and the Crystal Visions


It's 2010 and 11 year old Regina Actermen is about to fall down the rabbit hole own as the wizarding world after getting a weird letter in the mail and being visited by an even weirder witch. Follow her journey as she makes new friends, learns new things and discovers secrets at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Fantasy / Mystery
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No Maj Born

The sound of footsteps rang through a valley that was caked in a foggy mist. “Where am I?” questioned a young girl. She looked out to see an unfamiliar place covered in a wispy white mist. The girl could feel the clammy cold air on her skin, she started to move but it wasn’t voluntary as if someone had control over her body. “What’s happening to my body, where am I!” the girl frantically screamed to herself. She looked around more to figure out anything, she looked down to an uneasy sight. “These aren’t my clothes, this is something like my dad would wear.” She saw herself wearing a black and gray flannel jacket and a navy blue t-shirt. Suddenly she felt her arm reach down for something around her pocket, she felt herself grab a weird wood like object. Her body pulled it in front of her like muscle memory. Her suspicions of the object being wooden were correct, she saw a foot long, black wood stick. The girl felt something else, something off about the stick like an energy source pulsating throughout it. Once again as though it was muscle memory she waved the wand in an almost triangle formation, and whilst that happened the girl heard a booming voice as though they were standing right on top of her.

“Lumos Maxima!” The booming voice cried out. Terrified the young girl tried to move her head to find the source of the voice but she couldn’t like her head was frozen in place.

“What’s happening to me!” The young girl cried out. But her crying was quickly silenced by a mesmerizing sight, an orb started to form at the tip of the black stick parting the sea of mist farther and farther as the orb grew. The orb of piercing white light eventually went flying off the rod vanishing the white mist that once covered the ground revealing in its place the clearest lake the girl has ever seen, the lake was vast spanning farther than she can see with a large mountain range in the distance doused with greenery and at the top a building, a castle with an aura of importance just oozing from it. She looked at the lake once more and noticed that the water was tinted white, she never heard of a lake that was a color other than blue. “What an odd place but this feels like some sort of dream logic,” the girl thought to herself “I wonder what that castle is?” The girl was lost in thought when she saw movement in the water. She didn’t really register the movement as it wouldn’t be odd for the lake to be infested with fish, but another much bigger ripple crashed through the water bank then another, then another one each one bigger and closer then the last. Her train of thought broke when she noticed the pattern, her whimsy turned into fear of what’s in the white pale lake. She turned to run but she clearly had forgotten that she was under some control by something. “What is that!” she screamed in her head. The creature in the white pale lake was coming even closer towards the girl as if she angered the creature, suddenly a small part of the water started to glow a sharp light blue color and then two smaller sections on either side of the original light lit up as well. “Are those its eyes,” the girl frantically said to herself “ they’re so, fierce!”

WAH WAH WAAH WAAH WAAH. The girl’s vision went completely dark for five-ish seconds then her vision slowly returned, when her vision completely returned, she was somewhat surprised to see a familiar sight. “Oh, guess it was a dream after all.” remarked the dazed girl. WAH WAH WAAH WAAH, the alarm clock still rang on. The girl rolled around in her bed as if the alarm was one of her parents waking her for school, she pulled the covers over her head and started stacking pillows over her face. WAAH WAAH WAAAH WAAAH, the alarm persisted, to her even louder this time. “UUGGGHHH, fine i’ll turn you off.” the defeated girl said reluctantly. She started to randomly slap around her crowded nightstand next to her comfy twin bed in the middle of the back wall of her room. She knocked down a framed photo of her and two other girls, one had a golden head of hair with the occasional beige line streaked across her fishtail braid and cheeks rosier than a girl in a Norman Rockwell painting which were made even rosier by her pale complexion and freckles that were dotted across her skin. The other a tan girl with ratty black hair that shaded her face like an alley during summer. The girl finally shut off the alarm clock with a defiant strike, she then sat up, rubbed her tired eyes and stared at her purple patterned comforter, for a few seconds until she looked over and saw her fallen over photo. “Oh no.” she said sadly picking up the photo seeing the glass had cracked ever so slightly. She stared longingly at the photo, clearly digging up distant memories. “I miss you guys, so much.” she sighed. She placed the cherished back on to the mosh pit of a nightstand and messed with her untamed ratty sandy brown hair.

“Regina!” A feminine voice shouted from the otherside of the house.

“Coming Mom, I just need to get ready for the day.” Regina replied to her Mother. Regina grabbed a Lariat necklace with a shimmering gem shard attached by a golden clasp off of her nightstand. She then quickly jumped out of her bed passing her pink fuzzy lounge chair that is drizzled with sunlight peeking through her window curtains that are stationed right above a small bookshelf filled with novellas of magical worlds, history books everything about American events and encyclopedias with information from A to Z. She ran out the door to the bathroom just down the hall and to the right, she grabbed a brush and started looking at her self-portrait in the mirror. She looked with her hazel eyes looking determined for the day while giving herself a thumb-up for her great looking hair, parted down the middle, straight and wavy at the end. She walked down the rest of the hallway and walked down the rosewood stairs that lead to her dining room.

“Mornin’ Regi.” Her dad said cheerfully walking into the dining room.

“Hey Dad, how’s your day going?” Regina sweetly replied.

“Well it’s 9 AM,” Regina’s Dad said while walking over to the kitchen “and I’m going to have an extremely sugary cereal, so I’d say it’s going quite well.”

“Pour me a bowl too,” Regina remarked “wait a minute, where’s Mom?”

“She went to go grab the mail.” Regina’s Dad gargled with a mouth full of the sugar packed Munchie Munch O’s. He finished chewing and placed his bowl on the counter. “Hey, Regi,” He said walking over to Regina sitting at the clothed table “I know that this year has been hard for you, moving out here to Jefferson City but this is a big opportunity for us.” He squatted down to Regina’s eye level. “We’re gonna have tons of fun for the rest of the summer.” He promised Regina.

“Thanks Dad!” Regina grinned, she gave him a great big hug.

“I love you, Regi” Regina’s Dad lovingly said to his young daughter.

“Love you too, Dad” Regina lovingly replied. The front door opened and a tallish woman walked in.

“Hey guys!” Regina’s Mom shouted while coming back inside.

“Morning Mom.” said Regina. Regina’s Mom walked other to the dining table and dropped a stack of mail, except one professional-looking envelope.

“Nice of you to get out of bed,” Regina’s Mom remarked “Both of you.” She ruffled Regina’s hair as she walked by to kiss her husband. Regina made a make-shift comb out of her hand while giving her Mom the death stare as she walked by. Smooch. Regina’s Parents lovingly pucker kissed, Regina was quite disgusted and nearly puked on the spot.

“What’s this?” Regina’s Dad questioned while grabbing the envelope from Regina’s Mom’s hands.

“No idea,” She answered “I think it’s some sorta scam or something.” Regina’s Dad was looking at the envelope confused, he flipped it over.

“Ms. R. Actermen,” He read of the envelope “It’s addressed to, The back Bedroom, 906 Jackson Road, Jefferson City, MO.”

“Cool, I never get mail,” Regina cheered “Oh, maybe it’s Samir or Bailey!” Regina snatched the letter from her Father’s hands and ran over to the living room and sat down and sunk into the puffy gray couch. “That’s weird, there’s a crest on the envelope and no stamp.” Regina thought to herself when she noticed the odd details of the envelope. She hesitated on opening the letter, but still popped the Fancy Seal, the seal had the same crest on it, a big red lily shape with a blue clover in the middle, ribbons wrap around the clover and on each section of the clover a golden animal, the top had a big bird, the right a weird humanoid creature, the bottom a crudely drawn cat with too many legs, and the left a snake with horns in a Gordian knot. She grabbed the folded letter, and then unfolded it expecting a nice letter from her long-distance friends but she was sorely disappointed. “What, a letter for a school of some kind?” Regina questioned. Her parents quickly ran over to her question.

Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Dear Ms. Actermen,

I am pleased to announce there is a place available for you in Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please see the Essential Supplies sheet in the envelope for all your essential school supplies for your first term at our wonderful school.

Term begins September 1st. You will be receiving a course catalog very shortly. Please send your course catalog by owl by at least a day before term.

Sincerely Yours,

Headmistress Margaret Primfirey

“I’m pretty sure this is a scam of some kind honey.” Regina’s Mom remarked. Regina’s Dad looked at the envelope and the letter intensely.

“Who be gullible enough to fall for this,” Regina said mockingly “Honestly Magic.”

“Well I’ll give them an A for effort, they really took the time to write out all of this.” Her Dad proclaimed. He turned over a piece of paper he had in his hands to show his family, the paper was titled Essential Supplies.

Essential Supplies


First year students require the following

1 Pointed Black Hat

1 Pair of Protective Gloves (Snallygaster Hide or Similar)

1 Plain Winter Cloak (Light Blue with Silver Laces)

Please have all clothes named with name tags

Course Books

All students must have each of the following

1 Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1)

A History of Magic, Bathilda Bagshot

Magical Theory, Adalbert Waffing

A 101 Guide to Transfiguration, Seraphina Picquery

North American Magical Herbs and Fungi, Glenn Ottawon

Magical Drafts and Potions, Arsenius Jigger

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Newton Scamander

Dark Forces: The Bad, Cruel, and Ugly, Belladin Floggted

Other Equipment

1 Cauldron (pewter, standard size 2)

1 set of Glass or Crystal Vials

1 Telescope

1 set of Brass Scales

Pets are accepted at Ilvermorny as well

Regina looked at each paper and nearly started to chuckle. “I’d give them a S for effort.” She said while holding back laughter.


“What was that?” Regina’s Dad questioned.

“I think it was just someone knocking,” Regina’s Mom answered “I’ll go answer the door.” She quickly walked over to the front door, when she answered the door she was met with a very familiar sight. Another pristine envelope with the same colored crest with the seal but this time it was thicker, much thicker. “There’s another Envelope from ’the school’!” She yelled sarcastically. She quickly popped off the seal and pulled out a paper titled To No-Maj Parents. “What does No-Maj mean?” She thought to herself. She quickly skimmed through the letter reading only half the sentences as she walked back to her family and sunk into the couch, after which she handed the letter to her husband. “You need to read this.” She remarked before handing the letter to her husband. He grabs the letter and starts to read.

“What does it say?” Regina questioned her Dad.

“Well it says that we should be expecting a visit from a well regarded Witch or Wizard soon and a recommendation for a place to buy all our Wizarding needs.” Her Dad answered the curious Regina. He then began to read off of the letter “WhiteBrick Mall, on 22nd st, building 123, St. Louis, MO.”

“Well that’s some sloppy work there, have you ever heard of a 22nd street in St. Louis before or a WhiteBrick Mall for that matter.” Regina’s Mom pointed out to her husband. Regina noticed the envelope that her Mother brought over, she grabbed it and pulled out a small packet titled Ilvermorny Course Catalog.

“Wait, when I opened the envelope there was only one paper inside.” said Regina’s Mom. “Wait a minute, the first letter said that the course catalog will be delivered soon and that’s the Course Catalog!” She shouted surprised by the speedy delivery of the nicely folded packet of paper. Regina flipped through the packet, seeing what supposed ‘classes’ this ‘school’ offered, Potions, Alchemy, Magical Theory.

“What’s Transfiguration?” She asked herself. Knock knock knock.

“Again.” Regina’s Dad said in a frustrated tone after he heard three dainty knocks at the door.

“I’ll get it.” Regina’s Mom signed. Once again she walked over to the door and opened the door expecting another letter for this supposed ‘school’ but instead was greeted by a woman.

“Good Morning, Mrs. Actermen,” The woman greeted Regina’s Mom “May I come in, dear?” The woman was wearing a long black velvet coat, a ruffled white buttoned up shirt tucked into long black pants with a small black pointed hat. Her face was flawless, almost glistening, with sharp green eyes and pure black pinned up hair.

“Excuse me if I’m rude but, who are you?” Regina’s Mom asked the statuesque guest. The woman looked a bit confused for a moment but quickly assured herself.

“Oh I’ve forgot that you’re a No-Maj, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Sabrina Gillde the highly regarded witch that has came here to talk to you and your daughter about magic.” Sabrina confidently proclaimed. She then pushed by Regina’s Mom and spotted Regina on the couch next to her Dad.

“You can’t just barge in like that!” Regina’s Mom shouted at Sabrina.

“Well, I just did, dear.” said Sabrina. Regina’s Mom stood there shocked while Sabrina walked over to the two chuckling at the remark she made at Regina’s Mom.

“That still doesn’t give you any right!” Regina’s Mom shouted at her ‘guest’. Sabrina didn’t take notice of her shouting, still walking towards the couch. She stood in front of Regina and squatted down matching Regina’s eye level.

“Dear, are you Regina Actermen?” Sabrina asked the slightly intimidated Regina.

“Yes, I’m Regina Actermen.” Regina answered the supposed witch. Sabrina then gave Regina a gleeful smile.

“My name is Ms. Gillde, the potions professor at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,” said Sabrina very gleefully “and you’re a witch Regina, welcome to the Wizarding world.” A look of confusion and disappointment fell on Regina.

“Magic doesn’t exist.” Regina said to Ms. Gillde.

“No the contrary, Dear.” said the eager Ms. Gillde. Her hand rushed into her velvet coat, it came back with two things in its grasp. A small leather wallet and a long beige stick that gave Regina a big wave of Deja Vu. Ms. Gillde opened the leather wallet and reached her entire hand inside, Regina looked in amazement with her Dad.

“How are you doing that?” Regina’s Dad said in shock.

“Oh simple extension charm, dear,” Ms. Gillde answered him while reaching her entire arm into the wallet “can’t find it.” She pointed the stick at the wallet.

“What is that?” Regina asked Ms. Gillde.

“Accio, A History of Magic!” Ms. Gillde shouted at the wallet. She slowly returned her arm to her side and as her hand emerged from the wallet, something else came out as well, her hand was clutching a thick white book colored with age. Regina’s Dad and recently returned Mom were star-struck at these impossible feats proved possible by their house guest, Regina on the over hand was impressed, filled with a sense of wonder by Ms. Gillde. “Here you are, dear,” Ms. Gillde said while handing Regina the ancient looking book “Oh, and to answer your question this is a wand of course, more specifically cypress wood, snallygaster heart-string core, 13 inches and slightly flexible.” Regina gazed at her recently gifted book, A History of Magic, Bathilda Bagshot, she opened the book carefully trying not to tear it open. The first page had a massive table of contents listing each and every topic in the book, she started to flip through more ten pages in and Regina hasn’t even gotten through the table of contents. Regina’s eyes widened at the well documented history of the magic society.

“Whoa.” Regina whispered to herself.

“Impressed Dear,” Ms. Gillde proclaimed “you’re going to be learning all about that and much more if you attend our great school, but that isn’t entirely up to you of course your parents also have a say as well.” Ms. Gillde turned to Regina’s parents. “You’re still probably in ah and disbelief but I’m happy to demonstrate more magic and I assure you these aren’t simple parlor tricks.” Ms. Gillde said in an almost mocking tone. She reached into her wallet once again and pulled out a candle and placed it in front of family, she simply waved her wand and the candle burned as bright as an oven. Another wand wave and the candle started to float above her head and then right back down to the coffee table. Regina put down the book and gave the witch a round of applause with a smile on her face after Mr. Gillde’s demonstration, her parents still in shock. “I’ll just cut to the chase, as you saw magic is very real and your daughter is capable of practicing magic, and I’m here to convince you into letting her attend Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you’ve gotten the letters.” Ms. Gillde proclaimed. The room was very silent until Regina’s Dad regained some sense of composure.

“I gotta admit I still don’t understand magic or any of this but would this be good for Regi?” He asked Ms. Gillde.

“It’s an amazing school for your daughter, it’s one of eleven great wizarding schools across the globe.” She answered. Regina’s Mom looked very apprehensive and worried about all this new information and news. “I understand why you’re still worried but Ilvermorny is an extremely safe boarding school and I’ll be at the school to help her around, but it’s still your decision and if you decide to not let her attend the school I’ll simply wipe your memory of this ever happening.” Ms. Gillde tried to comfort her. Regina’s Mom just looked over to Regina.

“Regina, do you want to go to this school?” She asked her daughter.

“Yes, I absolutely want to!” Regina responded almost immediately. Her Mom looked at her husband, he merely gave her a shrug.

“Sure, why not.” She told Ms. Gillde. Regina’s face lit up in excitement, she ran over and gave her parents a massive bear hug.

“Thank you!” She cheered. Her Mom could only smile and hug her daughter back.

“Tomorrow I recommend shopping for school supplies, the term is coming close and there’s an O.O.P.O at the WhiteBrick Mall, you’ll find the Mall very accommodating for No-Maj families with children attending Ilvermorny such as yourselves,” Ms. Gillde commented while heading towards the door “I simply go I have many more trips to make, I’m excited to see you in my class Regina.” She waved goodbye and walked out the door.

“What a strange woman.” Regina’s Mom remarked.

“I like her, she seems nice.” said Regina with a look of whimsy in her eyes.

“Looks like we’re gonna take a road trip to St. Louis tomorrow.” Regina’s Dad remarked while slowly getting off the couch. He walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a marker from a drawer and started to fiddle with the calendar on the fridge.

“What are you doing over there?” Regina’s Mom asked her husband. Regina ran over to her Dad and noticed the markings on the calendar, September 1st, Regi’s first day at Ilvermorny.

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