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Lalisa Manoban, such a shrew. She always get in trouble. It was all started when her parents got divorced and separated from each other. Until she met Jennie Kim, also a glariatorial girl. They are always have strife when everytime they met. But what if one day their feelings to each other will change??

Action / Romance
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Lisa's Pov

๐Ÿ“ž"Hello! Pokpak where the hell are you exactly?!" Jisoo answered from the other line.

๐Ÿ“ž"Argh! Can you please stop calling me pokpak! It's so disgusting!"

I really hate it, to call me that name! This chicken is really annoying?!

๐Ÿ“ž"Hayst, okay where are you? And why are you get in trouble again?! Who is it?! your new enemy huh?!" She asked annoyingly.

๐Ÿ“ž"Stop asking me okay?! Just come here! And I'm here at the backside of the Bar." Then i hung up the call.

Exactly when i turn off my phone, i notice someone clapping behind my back.

"Well, well well. So, you are here at the outside of the Bar." The girl said from my back.

So, i turn around to face the girl from my back. I suddenly notice she's also with two girls. Tsk. Such a coward.

"Oww! There you are, you also bring back up huh?" Then i smirked at her. While her mood suddenly change.

"Don't you ever touch! my girlfriend Lisa!" She angrily said with her eyebrows met.

"Well, ask your girlfriend. She flirted me. And I think she better likes me than you." Then i gave her a pissed looked.

Before she going to punch me, i directly hold her hand then i turn around and place her hand at her back.

"Arghhh!!" She groaned.

While I still holding the both of her hands, her two companion suddenly rushed at me. I kick one first, while the other one I face this girl that I held to her until she punch it from the face.

Boommm!! nice one haha.

The two girls where also going to attack me, when there is someone suddenly called my name.

"Lisa!!!" I look to that person who called my name. And it's Jisoo, she's inside of her Black car. Wew, nice chicken.

I loosen and let go the hands of the girl, and suddenly ran towards Jisoo.

When I already got inside the car, Jisoo start to activate the engine until she excuted it so fast.

"Whoooo!! Happy dayyyy!" I almost shouted.

"Shut up! Explain it to me when we get home!" Jisoo seriously said. Hayst, she will scold me again.


After 30 minutes we finally arrived to their home. Yes! At their house, I frequently stay and sleep here because i don't want to see the person who ruined my family.

"Argghhh! Pokpak! What is it again?! Hayst!" She rugged said.

"Please! Don't call me that name okay? And for your information! I didn't do anything bullshit." I answered back.

"Tsk, then what I saw earlier? Is that an only act? A joke? Don't me. Tell to me the real reason, or else i will not allowed you to sleep here and pushes you to go home." She seriously said while she cross her arm.

"Hayst, okay I will explain it to you. I'm at the bar because Jimin invited me to go there. Then he left me alone at the counter because someone called him, until he joined with those people who call his name. And after that there's a girl suddenly sat at Jimin's area. She starts flirted me. Until there's another girl come close to us, and I didn't know that was her girlfriend." I explain.

She did not response unless she still looking at me seriously. Hayst! What Is she thinking again?!-_-

"What? I explain it to you already right? it's not my fault. I'm not the one who started trouble." I said to her.

"Tsk, Do you even know anytime you doing that sh*t! Your life might get in danger? And you also get me in trouble Lalisa!" She annoyingly said.

"Hahaha I know I know, cause I know you really love me. Thank you I love you too." I wink at her.

"Arghhh! You are a big disaster to me Lisayah!"

While Jisoo and I keep fighting, we suddenly heard a ring from Jisoo's phone. We stop of what we are doing and then she answer the call.

๐Ÿ“ž"Hello?" She answers from the other line.

๐Ÿ“ž"Yes Uncle, She is here." She respond again.

Tsk, i know who is it. It's Dad.

๐Ÿ“ž"Yes, Uncle i will say it to her. Bye." Until she end the call.

"You must go home, your dad needs you." Jisoo said to me after she finish talk to Dad.

"No, I don't want to." I boredly said.

"Hayst, pokpak until now you still treat him like he is not your father. Look he's already change because of you. He repent all of those mistakes he did to you, to your family. Just let go the angriness, forget those bad happening from your past and forgive him."

"Tsk, i don't care if he change. Beacuse all of those Bad things he did to us, it will never disappear and change in my mind. No matter how much he begs me, i will never forgive him. Because he is the one who broke his own family."

"I understand you Lisa. But please, even just only today. He needs you." Sabi ni Jisoo.

"I told you Ji---" She didn't let me finish.

"He's your father Lisa. And I think he has something important to tell you." While she looked at me in serious way.

Haysttt! I can't win with this chicken!

So, i have no choice but to follow what she commands. I walk with a flounce towards the door, and place my hand to the doorknob and start to rotate it until i open the door.

"Okay! Fine!" While widely opening the door, then i close it with full of strength. I don't care if her room door breaks.

"Okay!!!careful pokpak!" She yelled.



There's no traffic that's why I got home early. When I come inside our house, I suddenly notice Dad. He's standing near at the staircase.

I ignore him, and start to walk to pass him. But he walk closer then block my way, it cause me to stop.

"Lisa. My daughter." He's going to walk more closer to me but I step backward.

"What's your need? Why did you send me here?" I coldly said without looking at him.

"Hey, this is your home. I miss you Sweety. Please forgive me for what I did before. I admit it. It was all my fault why our family became like this. But please Lisa, give me a second chance to be your father again. I want to fix my mistakes, Believe me, I've already change." I gazed at him. I saw the sadnees in his eyes until I notice his tears start to fall down.

I also want to cry, but i don't want to show him what i feel right now. I'm still mad at him! Because of his other woman! This is the reason why my life became miserable. Reason why i change! reason why my mother left us! He ruined our own family!

"I will never forgive you dad, because of you. That's why mom left us. Our situation will not become like this if you didn't do your being womanizer."

I did not wait for him to speak again, until i went upstair towards my room. I don't want him to see me crying infront of him. I don't want to show him that I am weak.

When I reached my room, I lay my body on the bed, and try to hold back my tears. What kind of life is this?! Why me?

"Mama, where are you? Please comeback home. I need you right now."

I just close my eyes, while trying to get off in my mind of what happened earlier. Minutes passed i start to feel sleepiness, until I fell asleep.


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