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~ Vixen ~


It was a peaceful day. People were dancing in the square, laughing and drinking praying that the goddess would survive such a moment.

The birth was always a celebration. A festival of joy. The skies were blue, the sun shining down.

A woman with black hair laid on a bed with women surrounding her. Sweat tribkled down her face, as tears filled her eyes. Her armour laid out on the chair next to her, her eyes searching for one person- but they weren't there.

The pain of labour was a prison of her mind. In that jail cell of fear and confusion the time passed without her being able to keep track. He stomach tightened, she heard her own scream without being aware of making at. She laid still as a medication was administered, waiting for the agony to subside.

When the labour began, the pain was more intense than anything the woman had ever imagined nothing could have been more brutal, not whips or chains. The room was only the bed, chair and four walls, her helpers melting into the background as if they weren't Even their. Was there anything more isolating than intense pain? Didn’t pain lock us in as effectively is any prison? After when her child was born, it was as if only sunshine existed the world, as if all the Earth was ushered into harmony. She looked into those new eyes, a new consciousness, perfect and reaching out for her love. In that instant she knew she would do anything to protect her child, that her love was as vast as the universe yet solid as rock. She was a mother and would always be.

A man stood up on the balcony. He could hear them screaming with joy and could feel their feet disturbing the ground below him. Without looking, their smiles extended towards him, attempting to turn his face from what, from who, he was focused on. Their bodies moved together as they celebrated, rhythmically breaking into shapes and colours that tickled his heart.

Another man came and joined the first; blonde flowing behind him as he walked. He attempted to pull away the watcher but was pushed away for his efforts.

Who would have known that this would be the last celebration to happen in Asgard?

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