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- β€œi prefer this doll. please have him prepared for me” - a taekook fanfiction- [topkook.bottomtae]

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❉ this is purely a TaeKook FANFICTION story

warning | contains:
top kook
bottom tae
age gap
mature content
smut (a lot of smut) : i won’t be putting warnings because this book will obviously contain a number of chapters with such content.

if you are in anyway not comfortable with these or not liking the plot or flow of the story please discontinue reading and ignore this story.

i ask for understanding for any grammatical, punctuation errors and misspelled words since english is not my first language.

please don’t compare things mentioned to real life as this is a FANFICTION and stuff are written for the sake of this FICTIONAL story only.

i do not own any of the pictures used in the cover & story. all credit goes to their rightful owners.

i would really love to read your comments and likes are very much appreciated:)

thank you for clicking on this book & i hope you have fun reading


*~off you go to the first chapter ~* ❉

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