~Author’s Perspective~

Y/N and her dad arrived at the venue. It was pretty simple and Y/N like that. She was the type of girl who didn’t want anything fancy. There in a corner she saw her best friend, Maya, kissing her crush.

~Y/N’s Perspective~

I saw Maya literally eating her crush’s mouth. I warned her SO many times to not be in a relationship with a play boy. They don’t care about your feelings. I just brought her with me to a room.


“How many times did I tell you? Don’t do it.”

“And I have told many times James is not like other playboys.”

“Then don’t come to me when you’re heart broken bitch.”


Yeah we call each other names sometimes. But neither one of us minds. Maya left and went to her so called crush and I rolled my eyes. I just went to an empty table as I didn’t want to talk to anyone. But god wanted something else. As soon as I sat on the chair, a women (probably in her 40s) came up to me.

“Are you Y/N?”

I nodded.

“I’m your new Step-Mother. Well, soon to be.”

I just kept quiet and kept a fake smile on my face. As I said, I didn’t want this yet. I have not gotten over the divorce. I love my father but sometimes I don't like how he doesn't tell me anything and then expect me to be ready for big changes when he tells me at the last minute. I saw a boy coming. He looked dangerous yet, really peaceful. He was like a devil and angel at the same time. My dad came up to me and said.

"Y/N this is your new Step-Brother, Namjoon."

Oh boy, I can already tell this isn't gonna be good...

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