~Namjoon's Perspective~

It has been a week since my so called Step-Sister and let me tell you this, she is the most clingy and annoying girl I have ever met in my whole entire life. I'm always cold to her expecting her to become a little less clingy but I don't think she got the message. God she's so dumb.
I felt someone on my back but I already know who it is. 'Miss Clingiest Person on Earth.'
"Hi! How you feeling for today? Still hate me?"
"You can say that..." I mumbled. Apparently she heard it.
"Well...that's OK. Still gonna try though."
I swear to god if she keeps being this annoying I'm going to burst. I just bent backwards and she took it as a signal to get off of me. Then I just walked away rolling my eyes while she did the same.
~Y/N's Perspective~
I don't think he knows what I feel like every time he is so rude. It feels like...I don't know how to explain it...Hurt? No not strong enough...deceived? Lol no. It just hurts so fucking much when I'm trying to make our relationship better but he's not even trying. I mean we're Step-Siblings now.
How is it gonna work out for the both of us...?
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