~Y/N's Perspective~

I officially hate my life. I have been trying to get Namjoon to talk with me like normal siblings but he completely lost it. He got so annoyed he beat me up. I didn't know he was so aggressive...but I didn't tell anyone about it. Not even my Dad or my new Mom. I didn't think it was such a big deal. And also because...well, they have been thinking about Namjoon more and less about me. Even my own father...he's focused on being a good Step-Father to Namjoon and it just hurts...
But things have gotten worse since then. Namjoon realised I wouldn't speak to anyone about being abused so he started taking his anger out on me. I'm still fighting the urge to tell me parents but I don't wanna get Namjoon in trouble.
Yes, I'm that kind of girl. Even if someone I care about hurts me, I still don't wanna get in trouble...and I hate that.
~Author's Perspective~
Y/N got out of her room to get some food, trying not to pass Namjoon. She was avoiding him since the past few days. But she felt a light tap on her shoulder and a dangerous chuckle and she knew who it was.
Y/N whimpered and Namjoon knew she was in his control...
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