~Namjoon's Perspective~

"Where are you going Bitch?"

I said, kinda surprised that Y/N even came out of her room. Can't really blame her though. It's fun abusing her you know. I won't get in trouble, I get a stress-relieve toy, what else do I need? I don't care about her feelings. Why should I?

I was living peacefully with my mom when she and her so called dad ruined it.

"I'm going to get snacks" Y/N said fearfully

"No need, you're already fat as hell and oh that ugly face."

~Author's Perspective~

Namjoon pulled an already crying Y/N inside a room and already know what happened. Red bruises all around her body, Y/N came out of the room feeling weak and barely able to walk. She went to her room to listen to the only thing that understood her, music. It reminded her that there are more people like and she should keep fighting like them.

~YN's Perspective~

I want to end this. I can't take it anymore. No one cares about me anyway. And Maya? Well...she just became my friend to embarrass me. You see, I'm the person who they call a 'nerd' in school and I just wished that someone would help me and save me from all the bullies and Maya came along. I really thought that she was a real friend of mine but I guess I was wrong.

I don't know why I have to deal with all this. What did I ever do? I'm just 14. I'm sure I didn't do anything wrong.

Just take my life away god.

I'm not sure I have the guts to commit suicide...

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