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Forget Me Not (Feel Me Up Sequel)


The years passed in a blur once Layla left the world of Bangtan. She vanished without a trace and left her life in Korea. She couldnt take seeing anything related to Bangtan Sonyeondan or Got7. Jackson's death was revealed on the news as: Jackson Wang returns! Lost on an Island for Two years! Got7 reunion with all members coming soon! Watch Korea7 for more on the development. Welcome back, Jackson Wang! Two years. It had been two years since she left in tears and left Korea in the dust. Two years since she left Namjoon in the dust. She hadn't had any contact with him or Jackson, or the rest of Bangtan and Got7. She couldnt handle it. She missed them all so much. Even Namjoon. Especially Namjoon, but he betrayed her and that was something she could never forget or forgive. .....until the force of the universe pushed them all together again, but this time it was a relationship on Layla's terms. This time, she wouldn't give them the chance to destroy her.

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-Chapter One-

Author POV

The crowded streets of Tokyo were busy well into the night. It was a welcome change and the culture there was very diverse.

Sitting in Kagurazaka Ishikawa, a minimalist, serene and high quality restaurant, was Layla; enjoying her Fresh strawberry and caramel icecream as the final of the nine course meal she received. Her boss, Isamu Ogawa, was prattling on about the newest contract that she would be the head physician of.

"This is a great opportunity, not only for our company, but you." He said smiling at her. "What do you think about it?"

She dropped her spoon into the bowl and sighed. It was a good opportunity. A damn good one. But her mind kept going back to two years ago. To say she was fine would be a lie. She wasn't. She would never be.

Isamu grabbed her hand and squeezed. "I know it's been hard for you, Layla. But it's time to move on. These artists need you."

She looked down at their hands and sighed. "You're right. You're right."

He smiled at her and then nudged her shoulder. "So, does that mean you'll accept the offer?"

She smiled back at him as she grabbed her spoon to start digging into her icecream. "I'd be a fool not to."

MNet was approaching faster and faster. Idol groups from across several countries were promoting, practicing and running themselves ragged to win an award at one of the biggest award shows of the year.

The practice room door opened and in walked an exhausted idol, chugging a bottle of water. He was different now. More composed. More on the straight and narrow. He sat down on the leather couch in the corner and watched his bandmates file in one by one.

"You look like shit," Yoongi said as he sat beside him. Their relationship was better now. During the first year that Layla left, they were all strangers to one another. They didn't hang out much more than when they had to. They even moved out of their dorm, buying their own apartments in Hannam The Hill. Even though they were all pissed about what transpired between them and Layla, they couldn't be separated.

The coupling that took place years before was nonexistent now. Taehyung and Jungkook stopped shortly after Laylas departure and Yoongi and Jimin, not long after them.

They were BTS again. All one person living their lives as an idol.

Before the two year mark, they all had a huge heart to heart. Although it didnt fix everything that was broken, their bond was back now.

Stronger than ever.

"Yeah," Namjoon said as he sighed. "I haven't gotten much sleep these last few weeks."

"Those dreams again?" Yoongi said as he looked at the floor.

"Yeah. They're worse than they have been. Last night I dreamt she came back, but she was different. She was cold, mean....it didn't end too good. I woke up screaming. I know what happened was all my fault, but it's been two years. I've paid for my mistake. When can things go back to normal?"

Yoongi didnt say much after Namjoons confession. He put his hand on his shoulder and squeezed. "If it's meant to be, she'll come back."

"Okay, boys. Let's work these muscles loose!" Layla said grabbing the handheld massager. "If you want to win and not end up in the hospital, I expect one of you four to be on this table in the next five seconds."

After Layla left Seoul, she went to Japan; got her work Visa and then her citizenship. She was now a legal citizen of Japan and working as a physician to the artists under an independent and private label.

Isamu was her boss at one of Japans best hospitals when she first moved to Tokyo, letting her work in his pediatric hospitals and doctors offices to make sure she kept her medical license. Not only was his company known for their top medical care, they were also known for their private medical care for actors, actresses, the wealthy and idols.

"Come on, boys. I only have you till MNet so can you please work with me?" Layla said while looking at the youngers. Bennie, Tydo, Lucien and Hiro made up the young rap group R-4, all under the age of eighteen and they acted like children. Bennie reminded her so much of Jungkook and it hurt her heart. Then the memories started to flood back.

Two Years Ago
Layla POV

I go around the room starting lines and administering fluids. Each boy took it with stride until I got to the youngest.

Jeon Jungkook.

What does he do? Jerks away from me and hide his arms. This went on for ten minutes before I had enough.

"God damn it, Jungkook. I will sedate you if I have to. Give me your fucking arm or I'll get Keyjun in here with the Benzodiazepines. Do you want that?"

He narrowed his eyes and glared, "No. I. Don't."

"Then give me your arm, Jungkook. I'm not playing this time."

"So you were playing before?" He smirked and I lost it.

"Keyjun!" I yell. He quickly ran over to me with the syringe. I take it from him and look back at Jungkook who still looked like he could run at full speed out the door and not look back.

"Jungkook." I growled.

"Layla." He growled back.

I ran my hand down my face. "That's it!" Before he can register what happened, I sunk the needle into his shoulder and squeezed the liquid out of the syringe in a matter of seconds. Jungkook looked terrified as his eyes slowly shut.

"That was a little harsh..." I heard from behind me. I looked back and seen Yoongi crossing his arms and tapping his foot.

"You want to be next?"

Present Day
Layla POV

"Boys, let me tell you something," I said while coming out of my day dream. "I've worked with an idol group before and I had to take drastic measures to get them to cooperate with me." I walked over to my medical bag and pulled out a little syringe and vile shaking the clear liquid as I turned my eyes back to the four idols. "So whats it gonna be boys? The easy way or the hard way?"
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