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The war with Gaea ended with both camps destroyed and only one survivor, the sea prince, Perseus Jackson. Now as you can imagine Percy hates how things ended and so no one can really blame him for wanting to do nothing with the gods anymore. Except that the gods don't like that plan because they know if it were just a simple idea, then Percy wouldn't have said anything, but since he did....Well it looks like they'll have to force him to stay. But as you already know, things involving Percy are never that simple and the Gods along with the Fates accidentally send Percy though a portal and into another dimension. Seriously Percy why can't you be a normal Half-Blood, oh wait never-mind, Half-Bloods are never normal, oh well too late.

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Chaotic Aftermath

Looking back at things, I realize that the only reason everyone I ever cared about is dead, is because of me, had I never been born or at the very least never crossed paths with them all, then maybe would they have been spared?

It's not I can change anything now anyway, they died and for what? So one measly and pathetic demigod could wallow in his own self pity at having not been able to save his friends and family against the monsters that hide in the shadows, and those that reside up in the sky.

I should have know things would have ended up like this, but then again I'm not a seaweed brain for nothing. I tried everything, I really did, but it seems like all of my efforts were in vain.

Now, laying here amongst all of these mutilated corpses of brave kids forced to young to become heroes for parents that barley even acknowledged them, I realize that had I given myself up sooner for the safety of them all, the only real casualty would have been me.

Of course I'm not that stupid as to believe that Gaea would have kept her word after having killed me, but swearing on the River Styx was something that everyone took seriously, I doubt Gaea would have broken her word then.

Oh well, it's all over now and even as I lay here on the bloodied earth with a dead but wise, girl, I can finally smile for once since I defeated Gaea and put an end to this tiring war, that brought only pain and death to those fighting in it, I can finally smile now that I can stop fighting for once in my life and rest and even better, with my best friend in my arms.

She's always looking after me, even now that she's dead and I'm only minutes away from joining her. Annabeth Chase was one of the greatest best friends I could have ever asked for, always trying (and failing) to keep me out of unnecessary trouble.

She had been my girlfriend for a short time before both of us realized that it just wasn't working out, and could you imagine the surprise we had when we realized that it was because we were both attracted to people of the same sex.

It was hilarious, really, I mean for once in my life, I figured out something first, rather than having Annabeth explain it to me after having teased me about it for a bit at first.

We had been watching the waves back at camp during one of the rare peaceful moments we had due to the looming war, Annabeth had been leaning on my shoulder as I held her hand in mine, mindlessly rubbing circles on her scarred yet smooth skin.

"Do you love me?"

I had been confused and slightly hurt at the question, I mean did falling into Tartarus not been enough to assure Annabeth that I loved her immeasurably. I had risked my life countless times for both her and camp. Was everything I had done not enough for her?

I pulled my hand back.

"What are you talking about? Of course I do."

"Then why is it that it's not enough for me? For both of us."

I had been shocked, was she saying what I think she was saying?

"Annabeth....what are you saying?"

She had lifted her head from my shoulder then, and turned her beautiful stormy grey eyes at me, locking me in place with its weight.

"I'm not sure Percy, but I just feel like the love we have for each other isn't the love that Grover and Juniper have for each other."

Shock and hurt must have shown on my face because she hurried to explain. She quickly shifted her body to fully look at me as she held my face in her hands, looking at me with as much love as she could muster, making it seem like she was holding the world in her hands with how much love and care she was looking at me with.

"Percy...there is no doubt in my mind that I love you, simply that the love I feel for you, that you feel for me, is that of siblings, partners, best friends, and just a deep and powerful love in general. I would give up my life for you and I know you would do the same for me, for anyone else if need be, but I just feel wrong calling you my lover. I just want to be friends....please Percy."

I had closed my eyes as tears slipped though my eyes, leaning into her hands as I nuzzled her warmth.

I blocked out the world momentarily as I thought hard about what Annabeth had just told me, the girl in question waiting patiently for my response as she used her thumb to wipe away my tears.

Thoughts raced through my head at this new discovery, had this all been a lie then? With the war looming, it didn't seem like the best time to be figuring this out, but then again it seemed to just make sense.

Memories flashed rapidly in my mind as I tried to make sense of her words, was the love I felt for her really that of friends, powerful as it was?

And then like a stray lightning bolt had hit my square in the chest, I stared wide eyed back at Annabeth as wet lashes gave a slightly uncomfortable feeling to my face.

Now that I thought about it, it did seem wrong that we acted like lovers, not that my love for Annabeth had suddenly changed or disappeared, rather I changed.

I finally understood what Annabeth was trying to say and was about to speak when one memory in specific came rushing back at him, Oh Gods....

There's no way, how had he missed this, how had Annabeth missed this?

It was nothing special really, just a normal day in a camp full of ADHD demigod kids who were rushing to prepare for a full on war against Gaea and her army of monsters.

The seven had been making some adjustments to the Argo when I had fell from the ladder with a small shout of surprise, (let it be known that I didn't let out a high pitched scream as I fell down from the high ladder, because why was I even so high up where that drama queen could so easily fry my bones).

Both Jason and Frank had flown up into the sky to try and catch me, one using the wind to fly and another shape shifting into a a large dragon. Why? I have no clue.

The funny thing of it all was that I could have just used the water in the air to stop my fall, but apparently none of us thought of that, and so I continued to fall as both Jason and Frank collided with one another and flew of to opposite sides with pained grunts, because Frank you seriously couldn't have picked a more smaller or fluffy looking animal?

The girls had stop working as well but of course not to help me, oh no I'm totally fine, instead they stoped to watch me with amusement in their eyes as Leo, my beautiful fire burning savior, leapt of the side of the ship and dove straight for me.

At this point Annabeth and all of the other girls were openly laughing at me as Leo finally collided with me and teasingly told me to hold on, which I took as the go ahead to strap my body to his like a baby koala.

Leo had laughed softly next to my ear as he slowly but clumsily stopped our descent towards the ground, because who puts the Argo so high up, I mean couldn't they have just landed it on the ground?

We both ungracefully fell to the ground as Leo wasn't that strong to carry another person twice his size and still land perfectly, and so Leo fell on his back as I laid on his chest.

Silence echoed back at us as we both tried to catch our breath, both for different reasons.

Said silence was broken when both Jason and Frank came back arguing about paying attention and air traffic and honestly I couldn't help to do anything but laugh as I picked my head up from Leo's chest to look him in the eyes.

Soon everyone was laughing and everyone was back to teasing me for being such a damsel in distress.

Looking back at that memory, I remember Leo helping me up and how he stayed stuck to my side for a moment longer as we both enjoyed the warmth of the other.

Annabeth had crashed in between us as Piper carried her on her back. Both laughing as they imitated me and Leo.

Annabeth playing yours truly, Piper playing Leo, and Hazel, that sweet precious girl, had been switching between playing both Frank and Jason.

It was funny and one of the precious moments we had before it all went to hell, and now that I pay attention to the details, Piper and Annabeth had been a little more closer that necessary and they had both, quite cutely, pressed their cheeks together as they laughed at all of us boys for being so stupid.

I laugh as I all but leap into Annabeth's arms as I hug her tightly.

"I get it all now. I should have seen it sooner, forgive me?"

Annabeth had been so confused and I could tell that I was going to have to explain everything to her later, but for now she smiled and nodded as she hugged me back.

"Always, Seaweed Brain".

I mean I guess we both kind of knew it, even in the beginning, that it just wasn't going to work out, but we just kept getting drawn back towards each again and again.

Tears roll down my dirt smudged face, as I turn to look at the beautiful and stunning girl that repeatedly saved my life, and had my back when no one else did. I choke back a sob as my hand numbly strokes back dust covered, golden curled locks, away from still teary lashes and a peacefully smiling face.

Yeah it hurts a lot, but it's okay because soon I'll be able to ask for forgiveness once I join everyone down in the underworld. That sounds nice, right Wise Girl?

It's so quiet....I hate it, I hate this silence so much. I wish it didn't have to end like this, but Gaea couldn't even give me that much. It's a good thing then, that I made her stupid dirt face one with the earth again. Oh Gods, it hurts to breathe, I thought I had already coughed up all the blood in my lungs but apparently not. Gods, I was hoping I would at least look presentable when I died but this is just sad.

Mom... I miss my mom. Paul and Estelle too.

They didn't deserve to die, not like that.

I made sure to torture Gaea a little more just for that. Sally and Paul had died in a targeted attack from both Tartarus and Gaea, both had been bitter about my previous escape from their clutches.

Blinking sluggishly up at the darkening sky, a shaky scarred hand reaches up as if to touch the awakening stars winkling back at him.

Home....I just want to go home.

And with that last thought in mind, I close my eyes one last time as I tighten my grip around Annabeth's waist and my hand drops back down to the floor, having failed to reach for comfort up above.

And so no one was conscious nor alive to see when a blinding white light abruptly flashed in, so powerful that the earth trembled and the air wavered.

Standing in all their glory were all of the almighty Olympians, all of whom looked disturbingly out of place, amongst all of the war wreckage and cooling corpses, with their clean and impeccable silk clothing.

Sharp intakes of breath and gasps of horror resonated throughout the eerily silent battlefield, disfigured and mutilated corpses of children forced to fight in a war meant for the godly beings they called parents.

"What is.....this?"

Zeus distractedly asked, as he took in every small detail of the bloodied earth in front of him.

Coming to a shaky stop at the center of it all, Annabeth.....and Percy.

So that's it. I finally finished with the first chapter. So what do you guys think? I know it's a little long, but hopefully you guys enjoyed it. I'll try and update later tonight since I have it all typed out already. Ok, Bye Bye.
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