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Hey guys in this story Percy finds out he has a new power that he didn't know he had before I got the idea for this story and the name of this story from my wonderful sister she's on fanfiction and a link to her profile on fanfiction will be at the end of the first chapter and as always enjoy and have a wonderful day or night

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Chapter 1 Nico's Pov

Percy has been acting weird all day Annabeth tryed to get him to tell her what's wrong with him but he said he would tell her soon and not to worry to much. "Hey sunshine are you okay"said Will. "I'm fine just thinking"I say. "Alright but there's something wrong do you want to talk about it"Will said. "What how I don't- I mean yes"I ask/say. "Is it about Bianca"asked Will? "Yes"I say. "Did you have a dream about her"asked Will softly? I nodded then I started to cry. "Shh sunshine let it out I'm here just let it out that's it sunshine"said Will softly.

(Well that's it for now and here's the link to my sister's profile on fanfiction Half-Blood Dragon Rider)
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