You are 18 and you live with your mom in Florida. You have 2 older brothers Kio and Anthony. They moved to LA with all your friends that you met because of Kio and Ant. your boyfriend Josh lives with them too and you haven’t seen him in person since before they all moved.

Humor / Drama
Kaylee Wheelen
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You are 18 and you live with your mom in Florida. You have 2 older brothers Kio and Anthony. They moved to LA with all your friends that you met because of Kio and Ant. your boyfriend Josh lives with them too and you haven’t seen him in person since before they all moved.

Just so you know Kaylee(you) has



You have bad panic attacks and anxiety attacks

You overthink a lot

And your past isn’t the best but you never told anyone

Kaylee: What about mom?

Mom: I’m moving to live with grandma.

Kio: pls princess the boys miss you and so do I

Kaylee: Ofc bub I would love to, I miss the boys especially Bryce.

Kio: better get packing bc we’re leaving tomorrow

You ran upstairs to your room and grabbed your biggest suitcase and started packing your clothes and everything else you needed

2 hours later of going through clothes and packing your stuff you finished.

Kio: are you done packing yet?

Kaylee: yeah i’m done

Kio: great… Do you wanna leave today??

Kaylee: yeah let me pack my bag for the plane

Kio: ok bring your stuff down when your ready i’m gonna go see if mom can drive us to the airport

Kaylee: Ok I’ll be down soon

Kio: k hurry up

Kaylee: ok

You packed your bag for the plane and took your stuff downstairs and saw kio and your mom crying in the

kitchen because she missed him a lot and he was already leaving

Kio: you ready to go sis

Kaylee: yeah… you went over to your mom and gave her a really big hug and whispered in her ear

Just remember mom i’m only one call away and this will be good for me okay?

Mom: ok, I love you so much

Kio took your bags to your mom’s car and you guys left for the airport and said your goodbyes to your Mom and then she left.

Kio: you ready bub?

Kaylee: yeah I can’t wait to see everyone

Kio: Ok let’s go get you bags checked so that we don’t miss our flight

Kaylee: Ok

You and Kio got your suitcase and bag checked, your bag wasn’t that big though so you planned on bringing it with you on the plane. After you checked the luggage you guys went through security and then found your flight terminal so you sat there and waited about 15 minutes then your flight was called and you and Kio got seats in front so that you can get off the plane first. You were really excited to see everyone again and finally be able to see your sweet, loving, and caring boyfriend Josh. Many thoughts swarmed your mind as you fell asleep hoping to pass time. When you woke up you were just about to land and so you got all your stuff ready to get off the plane. You guys got off the plane and got your luggage and then Kio called someone but walked away so you couldn’t hear the conversation.

Kio Pov

Kaylee and I made it to LA and got her bags and we were waiting for Josh her boyfriend, Anthony, and Jaden to get here to pick us up she doesn’t know that Josh is coming with to pick us up because we wanted to surprise her so when Josh called me I had to walk away from Kaylee so she couldn’t hear me and Josh said that he was driving separately so he could have Kaylee all to himself and I just laughed at that. If i’m being honest i’m surprised that Josh and Kaylee have lasted this long without seeing each other but i’m happy my baby sis found someone who makes her happy and truly cares for her. Josh told me that they were almost here and he decided he was gonna do a prank on her. The plan for the prank is for Jaden and Anthony to come surprise Kaylee and then we will go home and she won’t see Josh and we’re gonna tell her he went back to Canada but really Josh is going to get her Starbucks and a sweet gift for her, let’s just hope this goes right.

Kaylee Pov

Kio started walking back towards me and he had a sad look on his face.

Kaylee: What’s wrong bubba?

Kio: Nothing I’ll tell you when we get home

Kaylee: Okay?, Who’s picking us up?

Kio: It’s a surprise

Kaylee: are they almost here

Kio ignored you and set his phone down

Kio: I’ll be back i gtg to the bathroom

Kaylee: ok

As soon as Kio walked away his phone buzzed and it was a text from josh that said “ please don’t tell Kaylee it’ll ruin everything.”

Once I read the text my heart dropped and all I could think about was what that text meant. Did Josh cheat on me? That was the number one question that flooded my mind.

Just then Kio came back and saw me looking at his phone tears rolling down my face with my head down.

Kio Pov

I walked out of the bathroom and started walking back over to Kaylee and saw her sitting there with my phone in her hand and tears were rolling down her face. I wonder if Josh texted me about the prank?

Kaylee Pov

Kio sat next to me and gently grabbed his phone out of my hand and looked at the message and his face dropped. He got up and stood me up and hugged me and then asked what I thought the text meant.

Kio: bub what do you think Josh meant when he said that?

Kaylee: Is he cheating on me please tell me he’s not. I don’t wanna lose him.

Kio: Kaylee look at me… (you looked at him) Josh is not cheating on you okay.

Kaylee: How do I know you’re not lying to me?

Kio: I promise i’m not lying, wait here I gotta make a quick call.

Kio pov

When Kaylee told me she thinks Josh is cheating, my heart broke knowing how much pain she is in right now and I started crying so I walked away and facetimed Josh. When he answered he saw I was crying. And he was at the airport waiting in his car.

Josh: Bro what’s wrong

Kio: you know the text you sent me

Josh: yeah what about it?

Kio: Kaylee read it because I was in the bathroom and she thinks you might be cheating on her

Josh: Omg we gotta cancel the prank

Kio: I know, also you guys need to come inside and surprise her. Mostly because I want to go home.

Josh: okay… we are coming in right now go distract my baby girl.

Kio: Ok bye.

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