Asgardian Lovers

Chapter Eight

The night has nearly ended. The last girl Thor had chosen walks out quietly.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” A loud voice booms across the room, “Prince Thor has something to say!”

Thor walks up next to the man, “Good evening everyone! You might’ve noticed there are no more ladies with me, and that’s because my brother chose the best future Queen of Asgard,” everyone looks at Loki and me, “I met her earlier this day at the market. She’s smart, kind, funny, and overall amazing. She’ll not only make a great queen, but she’ll be the best companion for my brother!”

Loki smiles at me a gives me a quick peck on my lips. It wasn’t the kiss I was expecting from tonight, but it seemed to please the crowd.

“Now, if Amira and Loki would please stand, it is time they partake in the Handvelja Waltz,”

Loki grabbed my hand and we walked over to the dance floor. My mother taught me this when I was younger, so I knew it vaguely. We started to dance, I looked around the room and started to feel dizzy.

“Hey, look into my eyes,” Loki said subtly. I starred into his gorgeous eyes and he smiled warmly.

The dance ended and we walked over to Odin and Frigga. Odin shakes my hand and Frigga gives me a hug.

“Welcome to the family,” she says kindly.

“Thank you, I’m very happy,”

Odin and Frigga smile and Loki walks me out of the ballroom. He takes me to a balcony on the top story of the palace. I look up and the sky is scattered with bright stars. Loki wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me closer to him, warming me in the process. I rest my head on his shoulder and we sit in silence, staring at the sky.


“Yes?” I say.

“You’re gorgeous, outstanding, and passionate. I promise to love you for all the days we live,” Loki says.

I stare into his eyes and kiss him passionately. Never did I think in a million years, I’d be kissing the prince of Asgard.
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