Asgardian Lovers

Chapter Ten

We’re almost at the top of a mountain that the carriage has been climbing, I glance down at the kingdom.

“Beautiful isn’t it? Seeing everything from all the way up here?” Loki asks.

“Indeed it is,” I respond.

The carriage comes to a halt and I’m assuming we’ve reached our destination. Loki steps out of the caravan and grabs my hand to help me down and I see a table set up, filled with brunch items. There’s pastries, fruits, and mimosas set out. Loki pulls out a chair for me and we both sit down.

“Well.. shall we eat?” He says.

“Definitely,” I smiled.

I spoon myself some grapes and blueberries and a cinnamon twist. I look over to Loki’s plate and he has the same things as me.

“So.. are you excited for the wedding?”

“Of course! I mean, I’ve always dreamed about being a monarch, but growing up, I never thought it could be possible. Yet, here I am!” I smile and Loki laughs a little. His laugh is so sweet. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him laugh like that before, it was so real.

We continue eating in silence, and once we’ve finished, Loki stands and grabs my hand.

“What’re you doing?” I ask, standing up with him.

“Just enjoy the moment darling,” he whispers.

He holds my waist and we sway back and forth and put our heads together. I rest my arms on his shoulders and we keep swaying, eventually ending up back in the carriage.
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