Asgardian Lovers

Chapter Eleven

When we get back to the palace, I immediately rush to my room and send off the letter to my mother. After that was taken care of, I sat on my bed and started reading some old folklore. Not long after, Loki walks in without knocking, sits on my bed, and rests his head on my shoulder.

“Read to me,” He says.

I didn’t question and started reading quietly to him. I finish the long book filled with old stories and sit in silence.

“Your voice is soothing,” Loki says.

“Thank you,”

I kiss his forehead and we continue to sit in silence, it was so nice to just be with him. Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door.

“Miss, there’s a letter for you,”

I recognize Astra’s voice. Not wanting to disturb Loki, I tell her to come in. Astra walks in and smiles at the sight of Loki resting on my shoulder. She hands me the letter and quickly walks away, closing the door behind her. The letter’s from my mother.

Dear Amira,
I should be mad at you for sneaking out, but how could I? You’re going to be the queen! I knew one of the princes would find you irresistible. I definitely expect some royal grand babies from you, whether I get to meet them or not. Which brings me to my next point... you never knew your father, but he was so great. Eric, your father, died in a coal mining accident two weeks after you were born. I wanted you to have this, to remember him by:

Your mother

Along with the letter from my mother, there was a little picture of me as a baby with my parents. My dad was holding me and he had a big bright smile on his face. My eyes started tearing up a bit and I could only imagine how amazing he was. He looked so happy to be with me and my mom. All I could think about was how much I wanted to know him.
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