Asgardian Lovers


Amira thinks she’s just going to the market to buy some fruit... but doesn’t realize a special guest has come into town

Romance / Drama
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Chapter One

I woke up to the sound of my mother coughing. I walked down the stairs,

“Are you alright mother?” I ask worryingly.

“I’m alright dear. You know how sick I’ve been lately. Why don’t you go down to the market and buy a few plums for us,”

I quickly got dressed and walked into the little Asgardian village. To my surprise, there are many people in the town center today. I go to Mr. Frode’s fruit stand and buy the plums my mother sent me to get. There’s suddenly a loud cheer, but I choose to ignore it, after all, it’s probably just some street performer. As I’m about to pay for the fruit, a hand reaches out and pays Mr. Frode for me. I look up and see Prince Thor smiling brightly. Then it dawned on me... it’s Handvelja Day.

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