Asgardian Lovers

Chapter Two

I can’t believe it! I should’ve known my mother wanted me to go to the market so I’d have the chance of marrying one of the princes and becoming queen. Don’t get me wrong, being the Queen of Asgard would be amazing, but I need to take care of my mother.

“What’s your name my lady?” Thor asks cheerfully.

“Amira” I say sheepishly.

“Ah! What a nice name!”

“Indeed it is!” A voice says from behind me. I turn to see Prince Loki grinning. I start to feel lightheaded and Loki immediately realizes how pale my face is.

“Amira! Are you alright?” Loki asks in a shakey voice.

“Yes I’m alright,” I giggle after I say that. I NEVER giggle and hate myself for doing it. Thor leaves to meet other girls, but Loki stays by my side.
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