Asgardian Lovers

Chapter Three

There was an awkward silence. I HATED it! Because well, it was awkward!!

“Do you know what the meaning of your name is?” Loki asks to fill the awkwardness.


“Oh, well it means ‘Princess’ which fits your personality,”

I fell my cheeks turn red, “Quite the charmer aren’t you?” I say jokingly.

Loki chuckles and I realize a wicked charm to his smile. He’s a definitely a mystery I’m willing to solve. Unlike Thor, who’s an open book and hides nothing.

“What’s on your mind?” Loki asks me.

I’m a little scared of the question because obviously he’s on my mind and I don’t want to come off as weird.

“Oh nothing,” I say, he looks at me and I notice his piercing yet welcoming eyes.

“You’re lying to me,”

“No!” I say defensively.

“I’m the god of lying,”

Unlike other men, who would’ve shrugged it off, Loki wanted to get to the bottom of things.

“I was just thinking about how nice your eyes are,” There was no use lying to him because he could see right through me.

“Thank you! I was thinking about inviting you to the Handvelja Dance tonight!”

I was stunned by the thought, “I-I would be honored!”

“Amazing! I’ll get you the invitation!”

He walks off to the royal carriage that brought him and his brother here and brings back an invitation for me. I smile, and just like that, he and his brother were on the carriage headed back to the palace.
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