Asgardian Lovers

Chapter Four

I get home and my mother immediately notices my cheery glow.

“Did you get the fruit?” I knew my mother was aware of what happened at the market.

“Yep,” I say quickly. I set the fruit on the table and rush upstairs to my room.

I open the invitation Loki gave me,

“You have been exclusively selected to attend the Handvelja Dance tonight at sunset, in the palace”

I notice a little box that came with the letter. I open it and see a pair a breathtaking diamond earrings. I gasp at the site of the extravagant pieces of jewelry. I look out the window and see that it’s an hour before sundown. I sneak downstairs with the earrings in the pocket of my dress. My mother is sleeping on her chair, snoring. I silently open the back door and start my journey to the palace. My mother and I don’t own any horses or wagons, so we take our trips on foot.
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