Asgardian Lovers

Chapter Six

I finish my shower and wrap myself up in a towel. Astra and Astrid come into my bathroom and dry my hair. Astra braided two strands of hair at the front of my head and used a beautiful mint green butterfly clip to hold the ends of the braided strands at the back of my head. Meanwhile, Astrid was doing my makeup. Once they were done, I slipped into the beautiful dress I saw on display earlier. I looked at myself in a full length mirror in the bathroom.

“Girls, I look amazing! Thank you so much!”

They smiled and told me the directions to the royal ball room. I walked out of the room where I got ready and saw three other girls. A pale blonde girl in a red poofy dress, another pale blonde girl in a long sapphire blue dress, and darker girl with a semi short purple dress. I could overhear them talking about Thor. The girl with blonde hair and poofy red dressed looked me up and down then gave a face of disgust

“There’s no way she’s marrying Thor,” she said to the other girls.

“I’m not here for Thor!” I retorted.

The girl wearing a long blue dress looked to the other two, “Eww! She’s here for the weasel of a brother Thor has!”

The other two cackled and all three of them walked away. I felt my face burning. I stopped myself from exploding and started heading to the ballroom. At least I didn’t have any competition, Loki was all mine.
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