Asgardian Lovers

Chapter Seven

I see the three girls and decide to wait for them to go into the ballroom first, I didn’t want to go with them and have people think I’m cocky too. Once I think they’re down the stairs and on the dancing floor, I walk up to the door. This is it I think you could become the next Queen of Asgard. I walk through the door and everyone falls silent. Did I look that good? My eyes immediately fall on Loki when I take a quick scan of the room, he was standing at the bottom of the staircase. I walk down the stairs and Loki holds his arm out for me to take. He leads me over to the All-Father and Queen Frigga.

“Good evening your Majesties,”

Frigga smiles, “Good evening. What is your name?”

“Amira,” I say.

“How lovely!”

“Thank you!” I smile.

Odin nods in my direction then Loki and I walk to a lounge area and sit in front of the fire on a long couch.

“I noticed the earrings I got you,” Loki said in my ear so he could be heard over the loud crowd of people in the ballroom.

“Yes, they are lovely. Thank you,”

Loki smiled and went to go get some drinks for us. Not long later, he came back with two glasses of champagne, handing one to me.

“So tell me about your family,” He said

“Oh, well I’ve always lived with my mother and I never knew my father. He was probably just a town drunk anyway.. my mother isn’t feeling so well and I’m worried she won’t last long..”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Do you have any other family members?”

“Nope, just me and my mother,”

“I’m guessing you’re close to her?”

“Definitely, she’s all I have,” I chuckle slightly and take another sip of my drink, sitting in silence.

I glance around the room and see the blonde girl storming out of the ballroom. I turn myself to see Thor chuckling.

“Quite immature of her isn’t it? She could’ve had some class..” Loki whispered.

I knew what Handvelja Day was... but I didn’t quite understand the whole premise of it. Loki must’ve noticed my confusion so he leaned closer to me and started explaining what was happening, “Each Prince is supposed to pick two girls. At the end of the night, both princes should have one girl. The girls are then put through a one week course to determine who would make a fit queen. I let Thor pick three girls because the moment I laid my eyes on you, you were the only one I wanted,” I blush and smile.

Loki is about to kiss me, when we hear the girl who called Loki a weasel scream and start crying. She throws a wine glass at the wall and storms out of the room. Everyone had a shocked look on their face, when the girl leaves, everyone starts laughing, even Odin chuckled!
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